World's Tastiest Egg Rolls

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World's Tastiest Egg Rolls

Age Range: 13-17 | Prep Time: 20 minutes
Bake Time: 24 minutes | Total Time: 44 minutes
World's Tastiest Egg Rolls Worksheet

Adults: Kids at this age need to be supervised when working in the kitchen as this recipe may require them to utilized sharp utensils and work around high heat.

Before You Begin:

  1. Read this recipe from start to finish making sure you understand it
  2. Check to see what ingredients you already have at home
  3. Make your shopping list with the template included with this recipe and ask an adult to take you to the store. Be sure to go along!
  4. Ask your parents or an adult for permission to work in the kitchen
  5. Pull long hair back
  6. Put on an apron or clothes that you can get dirty
  7. Wash your hands with soap and warm water
  8. Clear a space to work: a table or counter
  9. Get out all the utensils and ingredients that you will need
  10. Use separate cutting boards for fruits, veggies and meat
  11. Rinse any fruits and veggies with cold water
  12. Place a paper bag or plastic garbage bag near your workspace so you can clean as you go


Baby Bok Choy

Baby Bok Choy

What You Will Need:

Challenge Question:

  1. Bok Choy is grown in:
    1. China
    2. Japan
    3. India
  1. Bok Choy is most closely related to:
    1. Romaine Lettuce
    2. Celery
    3. Cabbage


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 425°
  2. In a skillet, brown the ground turkey over medium heat until it is no longer pink, breaking the meat up with a wooden spoon as it cooks. Set aside to cool.
  3. Peel the skin off the ginger with a vegetable peel.
  4. Put the spatula over the garlic gloves and give it a whack with the palm of your hand. This should break the skin of the garlic making it easy to peel.
  5. Chop the garlic and ginger in the chopper and add to the large bowl
  6. Using the cooking shears, cut the bok choy into tiny pieces into the large bowl
  7. Measure the onion, sesame oil, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and salt into the large bowl
  8. Mix everything together
  9. Place one won ton wrapper in front of you with a point facing you (like a diamond)
  10. Place about 1 teaspoon of the mixture in the center of the won ton
  11. Starting with the point facing you, carefully and gently bring the point of the wrapper up over the mixture
  12. Then fold in one side, then the other; it should look like an envelope
  13. Holding the sides, tuck and roll the egg roll and place it on a baking sheet, open end down
  14. Spray lightly with cooking spray
  15. Repeat with the rest of the wrappers
  16. Bake for 12-14 minutes

You're Not Done Yet... Great cooks always clean up after themselves!

  1. Put all the ingredients you used back into the cabinets, fridge, etc.
  2. Turn off the oven if needed
  3. Put all the dirty dishes and utensils you used into the sink and/or the dishwasher
  4. Wipe down your workspace with a sponge or damp paper towel
  5. It's ok to take a break and enjoy what you made, but don't forget to wash the dirty dishes!

Challenge answers: 1.) a: China, 2.) c: cabbage

[World's Tastiest Egg Rolls Worksheet] PDF file includes Recipe, Shopping List, and a spot for your picture and notes.

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