A Multimedia approach to Teaching WWII History

The World War Two era was a time of great turmoil, fear and triumph. Many of the people who survived those harrowing days lead extraordinary lives. We owe it to our children to help them to understand how the war affected the daily lives of individuals and how it changed our future.

Here you will find selections of books and DVD's to assist you in taking a multimedia approach to teaching about the events of WWII. There are many excellent DVD's that will inspire your child to want to learn more, books that give personal accounts of events during those years and how it changed their lives for the good and the bad.

The resources found here are listed by age groups, appropriate for Elementary, Junior High and High School aged students. Not all selections will be appropriate for your child, so be sure to follow the link, then check for the targeted age group and read the reviews — before selecting an item to purchase. Many titles are available at your public library or on Netflix to borrow.

Elementary Age Students and Up

Parental Discretion Advised

Teaching History


Junior High Age Students and Up



The period engolfing WWII was a time of change, sacrifice and terror. Aimed at High School students and some at the Junior High level, these books and DVDs will help children to understand what a different time and place this period in history was.

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