Teach Your Child About Money

Teach Your Child About Money

As adults many of us still don't have a handle on our finances. Give your children a head-start. Teach them about money management. Kids can learn how to create a budget, create an investment strategy, begin a savings plan and much more. Who knows you might even learn a thing or two along the way. Make learning about money a family project.

Get an Early Start - Preschool Money Matters - Ages 4-8

You are never too young or too old to start learning to make money work for you. These terrific preschool resources will get your little one on the right path to learning about how money works. Teach the concepts of rounding, estimating, addition and the importance of saving early on with these fine selections your children will enjoy.

Money for Kids Ages 9-12

As your children grow and accept more responsibility around the home, so should their knowledge of how money works. Whether your children gain access to money by starting their own business, being paid an allowance or are simply paid a weekly stipend. Many of their ideas about money are developed during these inquisitive years. The following resources can help you set the pace.

Children in this age group love to play games and experience things first-hand. Be sure to provide plenty of hands on activities that involve the handling and management of money.

Money Smart Teens - Financial Basics

Teenagers have access to more money than most parents ever dreamed of having when they were teens. As parents we can think back on how much money we've wasted over the years and just what we could do with it now, if only we had been smarter about money management. Help give your teenager the tools they need to create a financially secure future.

As much as you are comfortable, involve your teen in the family finances. Give them a grocery budget, let them do the shopping. Talk about savings goals. Sign your teen up for a secured credit card, get them a checking account or their own ATM card. Talk about the responsibility that goes with creating and having credit. Be sure to explain how credit scores work and how interest can work for and against you, depending on whether they are saving or borrowing.

These resouces can help get you started...

Smart Parents - Financially Motive your Children

Just for parents. If you need a guide to teaching the kids about money or simply aren't sure where to start. You might find these selections helpful.

More Money Education Resources for the Family

In todays financial climate it is more important than ever to teaching our kids the importance of saving and making the most of the money they will earn over the next 50-60 years of their young lives. As parents, we have an obligation to teach our kids about saving and financial matters in general.

Teaching our kids about saving and financial matters is just as important as teaching them honesty and integrity, and even sexual matters. Yet, as is the case with sex, many parents are uncomfortable teaching their kids about financial matters.

We've provided a huge selection of resources to help you get comfortable talking about financial matters with your children. We hope you will find these resources useful.

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