Teaching History

A Multimedia approach to Teaching History

Children are often resistant to the standard textbook approach to learning about the history of the men and women who have marched through time before them. Can you say boring? For these students, presenting history can be a challenge and even and endurance test for parents.

My own son is resistant to the typical approach to teach history. We've taken more of a loose themed approach to the teaching of history. By presenting the same details in several different formats, it helps the student recall details and connect the dots. Here you will find selections of books, toys and DVD's to assist you in taking a multimedia approach to the teaching important events in history.

The goal to this approach, isn't necessarily the memorization of facts and dates but for the student to become familiar with major historical events and hopefully to gain a broad understanding of the events that took place.

There are many excellent DVD's that will inspire your child to want to know more about specific events in history and the people who had a hand in the shaping of our country and the world we live in. I have found that watching a video on an otherwise boring historical event can often spark an acute interest in a topic I might not have otherwised explored with my child.

With just a little planning ahead you can create mini-unit studies to explore the pages of history in a manner that is painless to both you and your child. Start out with a video — I tend to purchase video's on subjects I'm also interested in, others we borrow from the library or rent from Netflix (which has turned out to be a pretty good investment for our family).

Once you've selected a video or two on a certain topic, add in an ethnic dish for lunch or dinner, then add an activity or two and you've created a mini-unit study. If your son or daughter takes an interest, you can explore the subject further. If not, the time wasn't wasted, you've spent time together and learned a little something more for your efforts.

Historical Resources

The resources found here are appropriate for Elementary, Junior High and High School aged students. Not all selections will be appropriate for your child, so be sure to check for the targeted age group before selecting an item.

Explore the History of American Indians

The history of the American Indians spans hundreds of years and includes a large cast of characters who have marched through the pages of time. These larger than life men and women like, Sitting Bull, Hiawatha, Geronimo, Sacajawea, Squanto, Pocahontas, Crazy Horse and many more, can teach us many lessons about honor, sacrifice and determination.

You will find resources for young children listed here but due to the violence that most Indian tribes endured, the majority of these resources are for middle school and high school aged students. Please use care when selecting resources for younger children.

Native American Resources for Educators

Learn about the History of the American Civil War

The Civil War was fought, not in some foreign land, but right here in the USA. From Harper's Ferry, Fort Sumter, and First Bull Run to Shiloh, Antietam, and Gettysburg, the legendary Civil War battles raged on through time. Learn about the soldiers and legendary leaders who fought these battles, including Sherman, McClellan, Grant, Beauregard, Lee, Davis, and Jackson.

Civil War Resources for Educators

Learn about the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Something about the Lewis & Clark expedition appeals to the adventurer in each of us. The United States as a country is less than 30 years old on May 14, 1804, as Lewis & Clark leave on their famous expedition to explore the west. These books and DVDs are just the ticket to inspire students to explore history.

Learn about Life in Medieval Times

True the middle ages were a long time ago and it's tough to get children to really understand what life could have been like in those ancient of days. Why not play a game and discuss what it might have been like or read a story, while the kids pretend to live in castles and fight like a knight in shining armor. Use your imagination — have fun.

The Middle Ages is commonly referred to as the period between the fall of the Roman Empire in Western Europe and the Renaissance. Students should gain at least an overview of the people, places and events that defined this period. Take your student from Charlemagne through the legendary Crusades and the horrific Black Death, garner a feel for the era.

More Medieval Selections

Christian History

This section of Christian history and biography's will provide additional insight and understanding of the hardship and triumph endured by the faithful. One of my favorite historical figures is Corrie Ten Boom - I've included several selections by her. Learn the facinating history of larger than life men like William Wilberforce, John Wycliffe and many more...

Historical Heros

A terrific way to start your children off on the right foot and instill a love of history is to introduce them to some of our Christian heros. This series features "Christian Heroes: Then & Now Biographies" and are perfect for students of all ages.

These unit studies turn great adventure reading into an even greater learning experience. With international breadth and spiritual depth, these guides provide the Christian homeschooling parent with countless ways to teach and reinforce diverse curriculum areas as they relate to the life of a Christian missionary. Each Unit Study Curriculum Guide is designed for a wide variety of learning styles, grade levels, and abilities and for both individual and group study.

Additional History Resources