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Yearly Calendars Galore

Calendars make wonderful gifts but have you ever thought of using them to motivate your child all year long? Each year I try to buy a unique calendar that will get my son thinking about things he may never have thought of before. These days calendars can be found on just about any topic imaginable.

This year I purchased a 2010 Easy Origami Fold-A-Day Calendar, for our son. It comes in a nice box with a magnetic flip-top lid that appears sturdy enough to last entire year. Time will tell! I look forward to have little animal figures all over the house.

My husband is fond of telling everyone that "if duct tape is good enough to hold the world together, it's good enough for him." So, for his birthday I found 365 Days of Duct Tape, this way he won't run out of uses for his roll of duct tape all year long. Maybe I should have bought him another roll?

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