Order Liberty's Kids - The Complete Series from Amazon
Order Liberty's Kids - The Complete Series from Amazon

Liberty's Kids

History comes alive in this excellent 40-episode, animated series about the experiences of two young teens during the American Revolution. Far more than a simple chronicle of the battles and major events of the American Revolution, Liberty's Kids tells the story of the cultural, scientific, political, and social forces that helped shape America's fight for independence from the perspective of two young teens from very different backgrounds.

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Sarah is a young English woman living in America who maintains a strong sense of loyalty to England and James is a printer's apprentice living the American dream, but feeling the constraints of British oppression. Working together on Benjamin Franklin's newspaper the "Pennsylvania Gazette," Sarah and James often find their interpretations of current events differ markedly and the pair constantly grapples with tough issues like slavery, self-governance, fair representation, and the role of women in battle and politics.

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Did you know that select episodes of Liberty's Kids are available for free online viewing. Visit Jaroo online, 5-episodes are currently available for viewing on the site, as well as Inspector Gadget, Strawberry Shortcake, Sonic Underground and many of the kids favorite cartoons.

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The History Channel Test Marketed
Liberty's Kids!

Back in February 2008 fans of Liberty's Kids were pleased to find that the The History Channel was test marketing select episodes of Liberty's Kids in contemplation of creating a new kids history series covering the period of the Civil War.

We asked you to contact the The History Channel, to let them know that this is the kind of programming, we as parents want for our children. So far, no word has come from the History Channel as to the creation of a new series.

I can't tell you how excited I am about the possibilites. My son is a visual learner and we have used previous episodes of Liberty's Kids as a starting point to discuss the American Revolution, it's causes and how life was lived, during that period of our nations history. Imagine how much fun it would be to watch an entertaining program about living during the Civil War era, Pioneer days, and even the Gold Rush era, when the move westward was in full swing.

Contact The History Channel and let them know how much you and/or your children have enjoyed Liberty's Kids and that you are looking forward to more animated historical programming for kids.

Please pass this information along and check back for updates.

How to Contact The History Channel

The History Channel doesn't exactly make contacting them simple so, here are the steps to follow, in order to send your comments about Liberty's Kids.

Visit The History Channel website using their contact form.

Select the following...

Note: Be sure to copy your comments. I had to complete the form twice, the first time I received an error.

Liberty's Kids Episodes Include:

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Previous Episodes Included:

Fan Recommends Websites to Watch Liberty's Kids!

I have bookmarked your website and enjoyed watching the 5 episodes of Liberty's Kids on Kewl Cartoons that was suggested by your site. I have searched eBay often for the DVDs so I could bring them with our family on trips.

Thanks for the tip -- it has aided our homeschool efforts big time!


Liberty's Kids Update

About Liberty's Kids

Liberty's Kids was a half-hour historical cartoon series set during the American Revolution. The show was a collaborated effort between PBS and DIC animation firm, though neither website now contains any reference to the program that was both promoted by both.

Sarah Phillips and James Hiller were the main characters in Liberty's Kids, who each played their part as apprentices to the famed Benjamin Franklin. Sarah depicted a loyal British subject, who often found herself in a moral dilema. James played a curious, rambunxious all-American boy.

The show really came to life with the roll of Ben Franklin voiced by newscaster Walter Cronkite; Michael Douglas who was heard as Patrick Henry; Sylvester Stallone played the part of Paul Revere; Dustin Hoffman interpreted notorious turncoat Benedict Arnold; and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the voice of Baron Von Steuben.

Liberty's Kids was geared for children aged 7 to 12, though the show had a large following of children of all ages including their parents.

Take a Trip Back In Time With Liberty's Kids

by: Annette M. Hall

I try to regularly go through and check links on the site to make certain that none of "Annette's Favorites" have disappeared and when they do I find I'm often saddened by their loss.

It's funny how we can become so attached to our favorite websites like they are a part of our lives. I felt this way when my favorite search engine, Infind died, it was like losing a dear sweet friend. I'm pretty attached to Google's Search Engine these days, but it was hard to let go of my tried and true..

Another time when I had such an experience was the day I found out that all my links to "Liberty's Kids" were bad. I think I was more upset about it than my son. I enjoyed watching the show each day with my son. Liberty's Kids is an entertaining and an informative cartoon about two teenage journalists in Ben Franklin's print shop who write about and explore the American Revolution. The show was both entertaining and informative.

You can imagine my delight when recently, my husband, Shawn sent me a link to the new Liberty's Kids site. Not only is the program back online but it appears to have all the episodes online for you to watch and the best part is they are available free of charge.

In addition to finding Liberty's Kids episodes you will also find the following on Yahooligans:

Be sure not to miss the Stingray piece from National Geographic, it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. National Geographic takes you up-close and personal with a Stingray. The streaming video must be seen to be believed.

Liberty's Kids Returns

Good news! As of this writing the original Liberty's Kids site is back online. While my son really loves being able to watch each episode on Yahooligans, I'm am very happy to have access to all of the wonderful features of the original site again. Now we can watch on two different sites.

I like the "Then and Now" Section, which compares life in the 1700s with our lives today. They are short, easy for kids to understand and will help you explain to the kids why you feel they have it so much better than you did, back in the day...

You simply must have the kids try out the "Liberty Newsmaker" where you can pretend to be a real reporter, getting a juicy news scoop. Here you can write and illustrate your own newspaper just like Sarah and James. You can also print it out and share it with your friends and family! How fun. What grandparent wouldn't love to receive a printed newspaper created by their own grandchild, for Christmas or even their birthday?

I hope you get as much enjoyment from Liberty's Kids as our family does.

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Last Updated December 13, 2010