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Created by Hope Chest Legacy

When you think of a little girl playing mommy with her babies, you think of doll cradles too. Sweet, simple, wholesome play that helps little girls learn how to be a mommy someday. Locating a cradle however can be quite a challenge! They are so hard to find - especially a really solid one like these! I can't even count how many store-bought cradles my older girls went through before their daddy made them these sturdy wooden ones!

My father was a wonderful carpenter but even he never quite made time for creating a doll cradle for me so I made do with a wide variety of other items. My favorite substitute was a wood stool turned upside down and filled with a folded towel for the mattress...but how I longed for an actual cradle! Have you ever wished you knew someone who could create a special cradle for your daughter?'ve found him! My dear husband enjoys woodworking and created this cradle and cradle kit and is looking forward to making many more!

Little girls are young for only so long and they have only so much time to play before their play turns into the reality of life. I have never regretted the wholesome toys I bought or made for our children - the toy food, kitchen sets, dolls, doll houses, accessories, play ironing boards and more... What I do regret is not purchasing high quality items that would last through all our children.

So I've taken my experiences and together with my husband, we have designed our cradle based on a 1912 doll cradle I have. We think the results speak for themselves! Even our little Constance who is now 14-months old finds great enjoyment in putting her babies in the cradle, rocking them, and looking up at us with a huge smile.

Because I so firmly believe children should have wholesome playtime and play things to occupy themselves with - play that will one day be reality, we will be offering many more items and woodworking kits designed specifically for this. As the Lord provides inspiration, contacts and the funds to invest - we will be bringing a wide variety of items to our customers.

Premade Doll Cradles

Premade Doll Cradles

Premade Doll Cradles come in two sizes to fit either a 16 inch doll or a 20 inch doll. Each cradle comes complete with a mattress, pillow and flannel blanket.

Each cradle is made of Birch plywood for long-lasting sturdy play and heirloom quality. A minimum of 3 coats of paint or polyurethane is applied for a strong, smooth finish. With normal play, this cradle will outlast your daughter's childhood and can be handed down for grandchildren to play with!

Little girls love to rock their babies to sleep and this beautiful doll cradle provides the perfect sturdy tool for endless hours of play - choose between maple stained finish or white glossy paint.

Large Doll Cradle $69.95
Small Doll Cradle $54.95

Doll Cradles Kit

Doll Cradle Kits

Our premade doll cradle is available in kits as well. Either 16 inch or 20 inch doll sizes available. Perfect for a brother to make for a sister...a father to make for a daughter...

Each doll cradle kit comes with the following:

* You supply a hammer, stain or paint of your choice.

Doll Cradle Kit - $54.95

Each cradle is handmade in the USA by the Wilson family.