Remote Listing Code

Display Local Homeschool Support Groups on Your Website!

Use the filters and selections below to generate a script you can use from your own website to display Local Homeschool Support Group Listings. Copy and paste the code below into the body of the HTML pages of any website on which you would like to to display your selection of Local Homeschool Support Groups.

Please view our terms of use for specific implementation requirements.

Filter Results by Type
To include unfiltered results within your region do not select any of these options.

Exclude Results by Type
To include unfiltered results within your region do not select any of these options.

Limit Results to Location/Region
You may select a state and one or more counties to limit the scope of your results. Select Nationwide to remove this restriction.

Alternate Target Window
By default, when your visitors click a link from within the Local Homeschool Groups, the result will appear within the current browser window. You may change this behaviour by selecting your preferred option from the menu at right. You may also modify the "localhs_target" variable in the code to specify other alternatives, such as a named window or frame.
Count of Recent Groups to List
How many groups would you like to include in your remote listing?
Output Format
By default the results will be generated using straight JavaScript. This method will write the Local Homeschool Support Group Listings directly as xml-stylized (XHTML-compatible) HTML 4.01 within the named target element of your choice, or directly where the code is placed. With this method you could, for example, create a page that had the last 5 support group listings for each of the counties closest to your sites audience, or separated by Filter methods within a certain region.
Using the JavaScript output format you may use CSS to stylize the design to integrate it with your site. Classnames to use in your styles include:
"localhsgroup" & "sm"
Alternatively, you may select the IFrame results format. With this option selected you may set other variables to further control the display of the resulting Local Homeschool Support Group Listings. You are encouraged to use your preferred color scheme.
Output Element ID
Using either the JavaScript or IFrame output formats you may specify the HTML Element you wish the results to be written into. You may safely ignore this option or leave it as the default.
IFrame Size
Using the IFrame output format you should specify an appropriate height and width for the resulting IFrame.
Color Scheme
Using the IFrame output format you may customize the color scheme by modifying the following options. Currently the only supported color options are Border, Text, Link, and URL colors, however the others are provided in anticipation of planned features.
The Code
Preview Display
Terms of Use
There really isn't a lot to the Terms of Use at this point. We reserve the right to update the Terms of Use at any time.
  • Do not abuse this resource by making unnecessary calls or automated queries of the data or services provided.
  • Do not misrepresent your relationship with in any way.
  • Do not place the generated code on pages with inappropriate content.
  • Do not obscure or eliminate the LocalHomeschool link created in the output.
You are free to modify the variables within the produced code to alter the resulting presentation, but you may not reverse engineer the service or it's component parts.

Thank you for promoting homeschooling!

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