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How to Choose a Homeschool Group

by Shay Seaborne

There are two basic types of homeschool support groups: general, and those with a specific focus. Within these, there are myriad variations. Understanding the variety can help you find the one that is right for you.

General Groups

These represent the wide world of homeschooling. They include members from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, using a variety of homeschooling styles. Members of these groups believe that there is no "one right way" or "one right reason" to homeschool.

These national, state and local groups may be structured, loosely structured, a network or an eGroup (see below).

Specific Focus Groups

Specific Focus Groups are national, state and local homeschooling groups that have a particular bent, whether it be beliefs, method, or activity--or any combination thereof. These groups may be structured, loosely structured, a network, or an eGroup (see below). Under Specific Focus Groups there are:

In addition, there is a variety of

Group Structures:

How to Choose a Group that Suits Your Family

As one can imagine, there are many possible combinations of the above. In seeking a support group, it is good to have in mind what type you believe would best suit your family. When speaking- or writing to a support group contact, you might ask questions to get a feel for the nature of the group:

If you cannot find a comfy support group in your area, take heart! It can be easy--and fun--to start your own group. Find resources at Local Homeschool.

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