Homeschool Legal Issues

Homeschool Legal Issues

For many years we've been reassuring prospective homeschoolers that homeschooling is perfectly legal in all 50 states. While currently that statement remains true but due to a currently ruling in a California Appellate Court that could change at any time. Homeschoolers across the country must remain vigilant if we expect to remain free to educate our children according to our wishes, instead of according to state or federal rule.

Handling it Ourselves

New homeschoolers understandably worry about meeting state requirements and interacting with division superintendents. Even veterans may feel intimidated by the presumed authority of the school officials with whom they necessarily have contact.

NHELD addresses In Re Rachael L. | California Appellate Court Ruling

In this case, a California court did offer an opinion about the rights of a family to homeschool. In this indepth article, Attorney Deborah Stevenson takes us step-by-step through the court process, the ruling and what it means to homeschoolers.

Homeschools Determined to be Educational Institutions

In November 2004, homeschoolers nationwide lost more freedom, as the United States Court of Appeals deemed homeschools were schools and approved educational institutions. Sadly, HSLDA is shaping a federal definition of homeschooling, a definition that clearly is going to affect us all.

Equivalent Instruction

Did you know? Many states use the term 'equivalent instruction' in their education statutes especially as it applies to homeschooling.

Homeschoolers Testify Before State SARB

California's State SARB met May 9th in Sacramento, where a draft version of the new SARB handbook was released. Several items were on the agenda for discussion, but the hot topic of the day was the Private School Affidavit process, which came under fire by several board members.

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