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by Ken Picard

August 22, 2012

Attorney Kevin Kite put his legal career on hold in 2005 to homeschool his two boys, ages 9 and 13.

Kite and his wife, Middlebury College professor Michelle McCauley, say they don't object to public or private education, but came to the realization that their sons would do better outside of school, each learning at his own pace. The New Haven couple is among a growing number of Vermont parents who are opting to educate their children themselves. And, like many of their fellow stay-at-home teachers, they're up in arms about a July 23 memo from Vermont Education Commissioner Armando Vilaseca that seeks to clarify the rules for the alternative form of education also known as "home study."

February 24, 2012

Many people buy organic foods from the grocery thinking that it's the healthy thing to do. Other people don't buy organic foods at all, thinking they're too expensive and just a scam by the food industry.

Many people buy organic foods from the grocery thinking that it's the healthy thing to do. Other people don't buy organic foods at all, thinking they're too expensive and just a scam by the food industry. Watch the interview...

A to Z Home's Cool

by Ann Zeise

March 10, 2008

Assemblymember Joel Anderson, a conservative Republican whose children are taught at home, has introduced a concurrent resolution in the California Assembly. If it passes, it will go to the state Senate for their vote.

The resolution states that homeschooled children perform well at college and in life, that there is a rich history of homeschooling, that an estimated 200,000 children in California and 2,000,000 children in the U.S. are taught at home, that the U.S. Constitution recognizes the fundamental right of parents to have their children educated outside of state schools, that the appellate decision is misguided, and that the Supreme Court should reverse the decision.

A to Z Home's Cool

by Ann Zeise

March 21, 2005

We have heard from a number of people concerned about National Geographic's treatment of home-schooled children in our annual geography Bee competition because of an incident that recently occurred in New Hampshire.

I spoke with a member of the National Geographic Geography Bee staff this morning. She explained that the rules were changed last fall for the fairness to all. It appears that the change was made to prevent "ringers," much as athletic competitions are organized.

ABC News

by Juju Chang

April 18, 2010

Out of an estimated 56 million school age children, about 1.5 million are homeschooled. Of that number, at least 100,000 are believed to be unschooled -- the term coined to describe an unorthodox approach to homeschooling.

The Biegler children live as though school doesn't exist. They're at home all day, but they're not being homeschooled. They're being "unschooled." There are no textbooks, no tests and no formal education at all in their world. What's more, that hands-off approach extends to other areas of the children's lives: They make their own decisions, and don't have chores or rules.

ABC News

by Nathalie Tadena

July 29, 2009

Ask Warren Buffett to work with kids and he gets animated - literally. The legendary investor will be starring in "The Secret Millionaire's Club," an online cartoon series that teaches children about financial literacy, debuting in the fall on AOL.

Buffett was featured as the voice of James Madison in the PBS series "Liberty's Kids." In the "Secret Millionaire's Club," Buffett will voice his character who serves as a financial mentor to a group of kids in his hometown of Omaha, Neb. In one webisode, Buffett advises the club during a board meeting on whether to invest in a local candy company. In real-life, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns See's Candies Inc.

ABC News

by Lisa Fletcher

March 14, 2008

Samantha Wulf's home is also her school. And it could be shut down now that a California court ruled that it's a crime for parents without teaching credentials to home school their kids.

Samantha's mother, Rachel Shultz, told ABC News that she couldn't imagine being criminalized for caring for her child. Both she and her mother, Samantha's grandmother, have devoted their lives to the 13-year-old's schooling.

ABC News 13

by Miya Shay

March 7, 2008

Local parents who choose to home-school their children are closely watching what's going on right now in California.

There's increased pressure for those parents to have teaching credentials. Thousands of parents could even be at risk of prosecution.

ABC News 30

September 25, 2009

California News (KFSN) -- Hundreds of national parks, including several here in the Valley will be open for free over the weekend.

Saturday, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is waiving its entrance fees. It's part of "National Public Lands Day" which celebrates volunteerism on public lands.

January 15, 2012

TAMPA - Dancers from all over the globe will be coming to the Tampa area the weekend of January 20 to 22 for the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition.

Many young dancers from across the country have joined the Patel Conservatory's pre-professional ballet program where they train for about eight hours per day, and homeschool in order to finish their high school education.