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Atlanticville Independent (NJ)

by Josh Davidson

July 16, 2011

Sylvan's staff focus on teaching home-schooled children the educational areas that parents aren't comfortable teaching.

"Basically, they're well-mannered kids who come in here for home schooling."

Authors Den

by Anonymous

July 16, 2011

Thank you for your expose on homeschooling! I had no idea that it was so dangerous to raise my own child!

Had I known that my care and time would ultimately prove lethal, I never would have had children in the first place. I now see that children should be taken away from their homes as soon as possible to prevent abuse and that they should be institutionalized in a safe and wholesome government welfare program, perhaps before they even come home from the hospital!


November 10, 2008

Tom was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a diagnosis on the autism spectrum) when he was three and a half. Like most parents, I spent a lot of time looking for and trying out different treatment approaches.

We tried diets and supplements; medications; Floortime; dance therapy; music therapy, occupational therapy; sensory integration therapy; physical therapy; speech therapy; social skills therapy; behavior therapy; drama therapy.

AZ Central (CA)

by Jackie Burrell

July 16, 2011

Once the province of frontier families and 1960s crunchy granola types, homeschooling has hit the mainstream. The number of children opting out of traditional school environments jumped 30 percent between 1999 and 2003.

It doesn't get more exclusive than Berkeley, Calif.'s Treehorn School. With an enviable 1:1 teacher-student ratio, this unorthodox private school blends anthropology lessons with math, history and plenty of baseball. It's no use salivating: Unless Lucy Kuntz is your mom, you won't get in. Kuntz homeschools her 7-year-old son, Aaron, using one of four education options allowed under California law.

by Stephanie Russo

October 5, 2012

Last December, the Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents and the Boy Scouts of America Grand Canyon Council delivered 275 bikes to children in foster care. This year, they hope to donate 500 just in time for the holidays.

During this month, November and December, the association will collect gently used bicycles to refurbish and deliver to children in the foster system by Dec. 15 for the third annual Recycle Your Bicycle drive.

by Stephanie Russo

October 5, 2012

For the past four years, the Arizona's Children Association has partnered with Hickman's Family Farms for "PJs and Eggs, A Breakfast for Dinner Event" to collect pajamas for children in foster care.

This year, the event takes place at 5 p.m. Oct. 12 at 11 restaurants throughout Arizona. Families are asked to bring a new pair of pajamas to donate to kids in foster care, from newborns to 18-year-olds.

by Marie Saavedra

July 26, 2012

PHOENIX -- Dana Wolfe Naimark with Children's Action Alliance has made a career out of caring for Arizona kids. And it remains an uphill battle, according to this year's Kids Count study, which ranked our state 46th out of 50.

The study shows Arizona fell nine spots below last years ranking, showing that conditions for kids worsened in seven out of 16 categories, including the number of children living in poverty - roughly 24 percent. But local groups are seriously concerned about number of three and four-year-olds not in preschool at 68 percent.

by Diana Stone

September 21, 2013

I always think it's fascinating to find out why people choose/love the type of education they do for their children. Public, private, charter, homeschool - parents can be passionate about what their children are learning from in all areas.

As a former teacher, I have heard so many stories during the years I taught from families who wanted the very best from the institute they picked. Often, homeschooling is linked with religious reasons. However, there is so much more to it for many other families. For some, religion doesn't even play a part in the decision.

Backdoor Homeschool Tools

by Diane Flynn Keith

September 16, 2008

Whether you are thinking about homeschooling or plan to begin homeschooling you've probably been asked the question, "What about socialization?"

Contrary to popular myth, homeschooling children are rarely isolated, and in research studies conducted by public and private organizations, including the U.S. Department of Education, homeschoolers have been shown to be better socialized than their school-going peers.

Baldwin Bulletin

by Chris McKearney

May 9, 2008

How do you take care of 11 children all living under one roof? For starters, you'll need two water heaters. After all, nobody likes running out of hot water during the middle of a shower.

"Our mother is the best. She takes care of us and feeds us almost everyday," said Betsy, 18, deadpan. Sue and Walter homeschool their children, which isn't always easy. Sue especially is looking forward to this Saturday, which is when the first of her children will graduate from college.