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PR Leap (NY)

by Joel Turtel

May 2, 2005

Public schools are just another failed government program. Parents should not waste 12 precious years of their children's lives by allowing their kids to suffer through a third-rate, mind-numbing, public-school education.

For over fifty years, public-school officials and politicians have tried one education fad after another. They have all failed. Joel Turtel, author of "Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children" explains why public schools can waste 12 years of a child's life...

Nevada Policy Research Institute

by John T. Wenders, Ph.D.* and Andrea D. Clements, Ph.D.

May 3, 2005

Homeschool children in the state now make up about 1 percent of all school-age children. Public school advocates have argued that homeschooling "costs" the school system money.

Driven by parents' beliefs that homeschool learning environments can be superior to those of public or private schools, as well as a desire by parents to spend more time together as a family, Nevada homeschooling has undergone remarkable growth during the past decade.

PR Leap (NY)

May 10, 2005

More and more working parents, disgusted with public schools, are homeschooling their children with accredited Internet schools

Many desperate parents today are appalled at the inferior education public schools give their kids, but think they have no where else to go. Most parents believe that the only alternative to public schools is either a Catholic or Protestant-affiliated school or expensive non-religious private school.

World Net Daily

by Joe Kovacs

May 15, 2005

A former teacher of the year in South Florida is hoping to keep her teaching license after she was fired last week for giving her freshman high-school students a creative quiz hinting of sexuality and obscene language.

One question read: "What is a four-letter word that ends in K and means the same as intercourse'" Hint: You do it all the time, especially when you shouldn't, except when your parents ask what you did in school." The answer, according to Littrell, is "talk."

Daily Press (VA)

May 16, 2005

President Bush's Monday-morning energy speech to an invitation-only crowd of about 450 people at Virginia BioDiesel Refinery had a familiar ring to 18-year-old Newport News homeschool student Chris Moss.

Moss attended Bush's appearance at the Eltham refinery with 20 other homeschool students from across Virginia, all members of the debating National Christian Forensic Communication Association.

Blogging Baby

by Jay Allen

May 16, 2005

For several years now, colleges and universities have been translating parts of their curriculum into distance learning courses that students can taek without having to set foot on campus.

Now, a new trend is emerging: online education for primary schools. These virtual schools, operated by either state governments or local school districts, promise to give students more flexibility while also lowering education costs for the state.

The Sierra Times

by Nancy Levant

May 16, 2005

In the 2005-2006 school year, all parents will receive written notice of new policies from your children's schools. Many schools will ask you to sign permission slips, allowing school counselors to have conversations with your children.

You will be told how your local schools are now involved in vision and dental screenings, learning disabilities and speech impediment screenings, and other acts of kindness, but watch for the small print or the extra little blurb, which states that your children will also be evaluated for emotional wellness. Watch for wording like “happiness indicators” or “family participation.”

Blogging Baby

by Jay Allen

May 17, 2005

How far would you go to ensure that your child is receiving a good education?

According to the Detroit Free Press, some parents in the Detroit area have taken to enrolling their kids illegally in areas outside of Detroit known for their top-notch schools, such as Grosse Pointe and Southfield.

Lew Rockwell

by Linda Schrock Taylor

May 23, 2005

Mandating that teachers take subject tests and generalized prospective teacher tests is akin to closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.

I fail to understand why administrators; school boards (local and state); college officials; legislators; No Child Left Behind designers and drumbeaters; and anyone and everyone involved in education, have not come to this same conclusion. Erroneous, misdirected decisions continue to play major roles in the ongoing tragedy of bad schooling across America.

The Denver Channel (CO)

May 24, 2005

Susan Romeo Accused Of Threatening, Bullying Coronado Students. Jefferson County school officials are hearing from students about allegations of emotional and physical abuse by their teacher.

Lisabeth Smith is one of 17 parents who have transferred their children out of Romeo's class since 2001. Smith pulled out her son in October 2004. "(My son) was telling me that he was afraid of her, that he didn't want to go to school, begging me to homeschool him," Smith said.