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2017 Archives

2017/03/28 - Nationwide Homeschool Conference Listing
California Private School Satellite Programs, both private and public school independent study programs, and homeschool programs listed by city.

2017/03/28 - Don't Let Gas Prices Cancel Carschooling Fun!
Yes, gas prices are high, but don't let them cancel your family's summer vacation plans. Carschooling author Diane Flynn Keith offers cost saving tips to help ease the pinch of rising gasoline prices...

2017/03/28 - Are Polar Bears in Danger?
There has been a great deal of controversy regarding the listing of Polar Bears on the Endangered Species list. What do you think? Are polar bears endangered? Can they learn to live in our ever changing world?

2017/03/28 - Maya Mathematics
I have prepared a booklet on how to do calculations with Mayan numbers, including the square-root procedure that children learn in school. The booklet includes addition and subtraction tables for Mayan numbers.

2017/03/28 - How to Get the Word Out?
No comfortable homeschooling support group in your area? Take heart! You can start one very easily, on a shoestring. Learn how to get the word out!

2017/03/28 - California Independent Study Programs (PSP)
California Private School Satellite Programs, both private and public school independent study programs, and homeschool programs listed by city.

2017/03/28 - Kids Room -- Organization
We are talking about a whirlwind of toys strew around the room with no rhyme or reason. When friendly requests of organization go unheeded, things can get a little tense...

2017/03/28 - Learning to Read - What are the basic steps?
Most parents are thrilled when their child starts learning to read. But many parents are surprised to learn that despite family background, learning to read is often not an automatic or trouble-free process.

2017/03/28 - Medical Emergencies
Injuries, accidents and illness happen and often times they can't be avoided but parents can have the upper hand by preparing ahead of time for these medical emergencies. Pete and Maribel Hernandez have provided a list of emergencies to assist parents in anticipation of the unexpected, helping to save not only precious time but also money on costly and often unnecessary professional medical care.

2017/03/28 - The Reiner Initiative and Preschool Pressures
What might be the problem with universal preschool? Where can conscientious parents and educators find common ground? In this interview, Diane Flynn Keith shares her views with Jo Scott-Coe about California's 'First Five' advertisements, Rob Reiner, standardized testing, John Taylor Gatto, Bill Gates, Oprah--and much more.

2017/03/28 - How To Start Your Own Local Homeschool Support Group
It can often take a great deal of time and effort to hook up with a local homeschooling support group in your area. Trust me I sympathize. Our family lives in the California Sierra Mountains, in an area seemingly dominated by church homeschool groups and charter schools. Independent homeschool groups can really start to feel like social outcasts in a climate such as this. So, what do you do? Start your own group.

2017/03/28 - Tools for the Self-Taught Technology Student
Providing children with access to technology prepares young ones for advanced educational opportunities and gives young people an edge in our computer driven society. Technology plays an important part of our world. Find out how you can help garner enthusiasm in your youngster.

2017/03/28 - VA Homeschoolers Salvage Yahoo! Disaster
Virginia's eclectic homeschoolers are the greatest! After Yahoogroups vaporized a favorite statewide discussion list, the homeschoolers rallied and recreated a new e-list with a membership of over 325 in three weeks.

2017/03/28 - Health Starts at Home: Healthy Lifestyle Choices - Eat Right For Your Type
Not only does our family choose to be different by homeschooling, we tend to do other things different as well. For instance most of my extended family will run to the doctor at the first signs of illness.

2017/03/28 - Homeschooling and Socialism: The Worst Possible Mix
Homeschooling and Socialism: The Worst Possible Mix - We don't recognize socialism in our own country because we are so much in the habit of associating socialism with repressive totalitarian regimes. In America, we entice families into our social programs with slick salesmanship, sweet-talk, hand-wringing, hand-holding, and bribes.

2017/03/28 - Be Prepared For Winter Emergencies
Many of us live in areas prone to bad weather. Snow can be great fun to play in but can create special hazards when we must drive in it. With a little forethought and preparation, we can brave the winter snow with confidence.

2017/03/28 - Teaching Health at Home
On a recent visit to our Grandparents house, we were amazed to find them doing extraordinarily well. Grandma, even after numerous hip surgeries, was getting around, like she was a young spring chicken. She was eager to share her secret with us...

2017/03/28 - Charter Take-Over
Is Charter Schooling Really Homeschooling? As the charter school movement continues to grow, what have been the affects on the homeschooling community at-large?

2017/03/28 - Adolf Hitler, Dr. Zhivago, Columbine and CBS News
A pointed response to CBS' anti-homeschooling aricles of mid-October 2003. CBS contends that the murder and suicide of the children of Nissa Warren represent a broad enough sample of horrors to impose monitoring and oversight to homeschooling families that is not applied to others.

2017/03/28 - Universities And Athlete's Foot - 'Bout Equal
Today we'll destroy the universities and drive professors into the streets to starve, perhaps pulling themselves by their fingernails and feeding on remnants of discarded hamburgers. This will reform western civilization. (This is a full-service column. It doesn't mess with the petty stuff.)

2017/03/28 - Universal Preschool Site Launch
Diane Keith invites you to join her online. It is a personal New Year's goal of mine to provide a viable forum for offering a dissenting opinion on the topic of government funded and/or mandatory Universal Preschool.

2017/03/28 - Back-to-School? Maybe Not
The dog days of summer are here, soon fall will be upon us and yet another school year has begun. I can still remember sitting in class staring out the window, longing to get outdoors and explore.

2017/03/28 - Socialization - Isolation, Incompetence and Ignorance
It is glaringly obvious that the author of 'Home is no place for school' is completely ignorant on the subject of homeschooling, not to mention our form of government. Luckily for Dennis L. Evans, the first amendment does protect his right to arrogantly flaunt his lack of understanding of both. As such it is our right, nay our duty, to exploit and expose that ignorance.

2017/03/28 - Homeschooling - A Family Affair
CBS reports that homeschoolers have something to hide and are potential child abusers who are hiding out. The truth could lie in a totally different direction.

2017/03/28 - The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher
Twenty-six years ago, having nothing better to do, I tried my hand at schoolteaching. My license certifies me as an instructor of English language and literature, but that isn't what I do at all. What I teach is school, and I win awards doing it. Teaching means many different things, but six lessons are common to schoolteaching from Harlem to Hollywood. You pay for these lessons in more ways than you can imagine, so you might as well know what they are:

2017/03/28 - Bootie Zimmer's Choice - Page 2
We had a perfectly literate country before 1852 when, for the first time, we got government schooling shoved down our throats. How we achieved this amazing literacy is wrapped up in the secret that reading, writing and numbers are very easy to learn -- in spite of what you hear from the reading, writing and number establishments.

2012 Archives

2012/06/24 - Education Research
An ongoing current archive of links and resources highlighting news concerning research in regards to education and family values.

2012/06/24 - Happy Presidents' Day!
I thought we'd celebrate this year by posting some very creative videos.

2012/06/24 - Preschool Inhibits Children's Social Development
Stanford University and the University of California (UC) at Berkeley published a report of a research study dated November 4, 2005, on the effects of preschool on children's development. This study compares the math skills, reading, and social development of young children who attended preschool to that of young children who remained at home prior to kindergarten.

2012/06/24 - Trained Not to Trust Ourselves
Even in the homeschool community many families are paralyzed with fear of contradicting the experts who have written books and speak at conventions. There are many wonderful experts out there who are doing a good job helping and encouraging people in parenting, homeschooling, healing, childbirth and more. Sadly, though, our society has made people feel helpless in the face of the experts.

2012/06/24 - Life after Cable Television
A little over a year ago we shut-off the cable. The first few months without service were a breeze. The longer we were without cable though the harder it got. We began buying movies again and borrowing DVDs from the Twain Harte Public Library.

2012/06/24 - Have Fun with The Summer Moon Illusion
When my kids were little, I looked at any unusual, natural occurrence as an opportunity to have fun learning. This week Mother Nature offers a summer moon event that provides a wonderful way for kids to learn more about the moon -- or just have fun observing it and doing activities themed around it.

2012/06/24 - Online Learning and Safety
With the internet so widely available, many parents are combining education and the internet to enhance their child's educational endeavors. This dynamic duo has opened doors, never before possible.

2012/06/24 - Homeschooling the Numbers
We've grown used to seeing homeschool stories on the nightly news. Ratings must be good for homeschooling stories judging from the list of advertisers supporting the recent CBS story, which outraged many homeschooling families.

2012/06/24 - Stafford County woman is 'TheHomeSchoolMom'
Mary Ann Kelley, creator of TheHomeSchoolMom.com started homeschooling five years ago. Kelley doesn't consider herself an authority on homeschooling. But she does know a thing or two about finding resources online. She's used a lot of them to develop a curriculum for her own children...

2012/06/24 - Have You Heard?
Contrary to the conjecture of home school critics, I generally find homeschooled children to be remarkably bright, polite, and humble (this might have the appearance of social deprivation in a society that promotes self and lack of discipline).

2012/06/24 - Military Homeschooling FAQ
The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to assist students, parents, teachers, coaches, principals, school administrators, and others in understanding the implementation of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Policy Memorandum on Home Schooling dated November 6, 2002.

2012/06/24 - Congress Reprimands CBS
As members of Congress who either home school our own children or support the right of parents to homeschool, we were deeply offended by the recent Eye on America segment dealing with homeschooling.

2012/06/24 - Socialization: Rules vs. Respect
Three weeks ago, I quoted Fred Frankel, Ph.D., on the rules of etiquette for joining other kids at play. Dr. Frankel contends that socially well-adjusted adults have mastered the intricacies of such social codes, from an early age. His book is chock-full of tables entitled 'The Rules of Being a Good Sport,' 'The Rules of Being a Good Host,' etc., etc. The acquisition of such social codes is what many people have in mind when they ask, 'What about socialization?'

2012/06/24 - Military Homeschooling Information
Department of Defense Homeschooling Policy