The male turkey is called a tom.

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Now is a terrific time to get the little ones involved in the pre-holiday planning of the upcoming festivities.


Did You Know?

Thanksgiving is a time to share family stores and traditions. Create lasting memories the children will remember fondly and share with their young ones to come. Traditions are part of every families heritage and create special bonds between the members of that family. The tradition doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming or elaborate but something that you do each and every year and be enjoyable for everyone.

My sister learned to make pumpkin bread in a can with the top cut off when she was in junior high. She was so thrilled that she began to bake pumpkin bread each year for the family. It a memory that always makes me smile.

Wobble Wobble - Gobble Gobble

The turkey is a funny bird.
It's head goes wobble, wobble.
All it knows is just one word
And that is gobble, gobble!

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Social Science for Raising Happy Kids - Teaching Gratitude

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The Secret Stone (A Story of Gratitude)

Remember to be thankful this Thanksgiving!

Do the Gratitude Dance!