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Thanksgiving Theme Learning Ideas and Resources

"History is written by the victors."
~ Winston Churchill

When most of us were taught history in school, we were taught to memorize the dates of important events, learn a brief overview of certain characters, then recall this information for a test and promptly forget it.

Only in light of my own history can I discern that history has many facets and many points of view, not all of them accurate. Much of what passed for history in my own school days was nothing more than myth and conjecture.

In order to gain a clear understanding of history, it is essential that the student delve into the events that lead up to the momentous event in question, then investigate the claims from both sides of the aisle (we all know there are two sides to every argument and often many points of view). If you approach history from multiple angles it will allow you a different perspective of events than would otherwise be possible.

Thanksgiving Resource Index

The above links will provide you with many resources to assist in expanding your children's knowledge of Thanksgiving, including the events and circumstances that lead up to it and the people who lived it. These resources are a starting point and by no means should they be considered definitive. I have attempted to sort them according to grade level, but of course you know your children best.

Thanksgiving Proclamation Issued

In 1789, following a proclamation issued by President George Washington, America celebrated its first Day of Thanksgiving to God under its new constitution.

That same year, the Protestant Episcopal Church, of which President Washington was a member, announced that the first Thursday in November would become its regular day for giving thanks, "unless another day be appointed by the civil authorities."

Yet, despite these early national proclamations, official Thanksgiving observances usually occurred only at the State level. [Learn More]

The Chemical Keys to Thanksgiving Dinner

"A good meal must be as harmonious as a symphony and as well-constructed as a Norman cathedral." Fernand Point, 'Ma gastronomie' (1897-1955). This can be said of Thanksgiving. Home cooked meals that traditionally took a full day and a host of hands to prepare now take just hours. So what have we lost with these age-old preparations? Chemistry. It's in techniques like brining, marinating, basting, and slow cooking. It's where seasons marry and interact -- producing tender, succulent and flavorful dishes. Learn why old-fashioned, time-staking approaches to cooking still provide the best results.

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