Summer Reading Programs

Summer Reading Programs

Summer reading programs are gearing up for the 2012 summer programs. The summer months are a terrific time for students to read some good books — of their own choosing — and improve their reading and vocabulary skills, while reading for enjoyment.

Libraries and book stores make it easy to get your student involved and earn really cool rewards at the same time. Here you'll find a sampling of the types of programs available to children, but our list is certainly not inclusive.

Most area libraries participate in some of form of reading program, if you have trouble finding one in your area, be sure to ask your local librarian for assistance.

As a parent you might not realize just how important these summer reading programs can be for a child. These types of programs provide an opportunity for children to meet other and socialize with other children that they might not normally have noticed during the school year or at park day.

Summer program coordinators often incorporate puppet shows, crafts, skits and other fun program activities to help children interact with the characters they read about and make various subjects come alive for them, in a meaningful way.

During the summer months children are generally spend more time out of doors. Why not encourage your child to take a good book along on that hike or summer outting? A book can be a perfect companion after a hike along the river, or a nice rock climb in the mountains or even a simple stroll to the park.

Books are portable, many are light weight, easy to carry and can open up worlds the reader never imagined.

Tips for summer reading!

Each student who participates in a summer reading program will experience a sense of accomplishment by working toward and achieving their goals. In addition, student can earn terrific prizes. Sometimes a child just needs some incentive to help motivate them to creating good habits.

Benefits of Summer Reading:

Reading books during summer vacation can improve students' reading proficiency and comprehension.

A study conducted by Jimmy Kim of Harvard's Center for Evaluation found that reading 4 or 5 books over the summer months had an impact on fall reading achievement comparable to attending summer school. Furthermore, there were no significant differences in achievement based on which type of books children read (Kim, 2004).

Another study concluded that, "children who read more than half an hour per day during the summer had significantly higher reading comprehension gains by the fall compared with children (who) did not." In addition, the study showed that "children whose parents read to them at least twice a week over the summer also improved comprehension skills more than children (who) did not." (Phillips and Chin, 2004).

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Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP)

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) provides summer reading program resources for children and teens. The 2012 summer reading program theme is "Be Creative" for elementary age children and "Express Yourself" for teens grades 6th grade and above.

Currently 46-states are participating in the program. Below is a partial list:

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