Tips that Work for Learning Multiplication

Tips that Work for Learning Multiplication

Learning the mulitiplication tables comes easy to some children, others may really struggle trying to grasp the concept. It is important to take into account a child's learning style because what may work for one child, simply might not work with another. The following tips provide a wide range of resources to assist you in teaching your child their multiplication facts.

Multiplication With Your Fingers


I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for a third grade student who needs to practice their multiplication tables. We simply haven't made it to the point where these are memorized and coming as quickly as they should.

I can't seem to find anything with a Google search that strikes a cord or that I would buy without a personal recommendation. Suggestions are sought! Did anything work especially well with your children?


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Learn the Smart Way to Multiply 2 Numbers

Smart Way to Multiply 2 Numbers!

Homeschooling Mom's Provide Answers

I have two boys and we have worked many years to get their multiplication facts memorized. Each child learns them in many different ways. I found some great websites to help them learn their mulitiplication tables.

I have been using these sites all year with my 10-year-old and it has helped improved his math skills tremendously. We still used the flash card drill daily when he first began learning them.

Hope this helps!

Recommended Multiplication Games

I have found the best way is to have them create a times table chart. When we created the first one, we did the chart together and out loud. After we completed the initial chart, I had my son copy it. Then I had him create another one on his own. Show them number patterns as you do this - especially the 9-trick (we call it one-up, one-down).

Do this as a daily exercise, and then go through the flash cards together. If the child gets the answer correct, hand them the card. We have cards that are two-sided, green on one side, blue on the other. After they earn all the cards, we start over on the other side.

Some children make work harder with a little competition or if a prize is being offered.


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Multiplication Worksheets Online

Additional Multiplication Sites

I highly recommend Learning Wrap Ups - Great for the tactile child, they are visual and if you have the child say the multiplication facts as they wrap, its auditory too. Learn math skills by wrapping string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right. Turn it over and see if your answers are correct.

Multiplication Resources for Beginners

Singing and Skip Counting

3's Star Spangled Banner


4's Jingle Bells


6's Jesus Loves Me


7's Row Row Row Your Boat


8's Superman



Skip Counting Video Songs

Articles & Resources for Parents

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Learning 8 x 6 = 48 Reader Tip

I know one I still use, it is 8 times 6 went on a date, when they came back they were 48.

I learned this when I was younger and I have told this one to a GED instructor and he tells it to his students. I hope this will work for you.

Jessica A.