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2017/03/28 - Overcoming The Financial Literacy Deficit
While parents seem focused on surviving financially difficult times, they may be overlooking a pending crisis with the younger generation. Educator, financial researcher, and author J. Steve Miller of the new book Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest it, and Give It proposes a new approach to personal finance for youth and addresses with audiences the statistics below, including how to help young adults make sound financial decisions.

2017/03/28 - Microfinance Unit Study -- Microfinancing for Kids & Parents!
Microfinance is a form of banking whereby financial institutions offer small loans to the poor. The idea behind the concept, which originated in Bangladesh in the mid 1970s, is that motivated and disciplined poor people could climb out of poverty if they had access to funding.

2017/03/28 - Homeschool Your Teen to Financial Success
Can you imagine a scenario where your child is in their mid-thirties and still buried in student debt? This is a reality for many parents. By including financial literacy in your home school curriculum you will have an instrumental role in providing a brighter future for your child.

2017/03/28 - Teaching Teens How to Gain Financial Freedom
There is nothing worse than seeing your child in their mid-twenties, toiling in more debt than you ever did at that age. By taking a proactive approach as a parent, you can have an instrumental role in providing a brighter future for your child. Pass Vince Shorb's financial tips onto your children, and show them how to apply them to their everyday life, they will not only be able to start building a financially secure future, but escape the shackles of life long debt.

2017/03/28 - Goodbye Marvin Gardens - Hello Golden Gate Bridge
Hasbro finally invented a Monopoly game that can be played in just a couple of hours. The game is called 'Monopoly Electronic Banking' edition and I personally find the game quite enjoyable.

2017/03/28 - Prepaid Allowance Cards for Teens
In response to a growing epidemic of financial illiteracy among the nation's youth, parents are turning to pre-paid allowance cards created specifically for kids and teens.

2017/03/28 - Saving & Investing Wisely - Part II: Teaching Your Adult Children To Save
This is the second in a series of articles designed to help you with teaching your children and/or grandchildren to save and invest wisely. This week, I will discuss how to help your ADULT children or grandchildren become better savers. You might not think it is necessary (or even your business) to teach your adult children to become better savers. Yet we face a savings crisis in America as I will point out below. And as I stressed in Part I of this series, I believe it is our obligation as parents to teach our kids to save and invest wisely.

2017/03/28 - Teaching Kids To Save & Invest Wisely
Financial expert Gary D. Halbert shares tips for teaching your children or grandchildren -- whether minors or adults - the importance of saving money and investing money wisely. It doesn't matter if your kids or grandkids are adolescents in their early teens or if they are grown adults of any age. We are never too old or too well off to save and invest wisely.