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'sussex county, ' Local Homeschool Support Groups - Local
One goal of LocalHS is to facilitate access to unique educational opportunities, to the benefit of both the business owner and the homeschooling community. We are pleased to present a broad spectrum of services; offered by business professionals who seek to provide services to homeschooling families. This is a perfect time for you to get on board. Since the holiday hustle and bustle has ended, homeschooling families are settling back into their routines, seeking classes and extra curricular activities.

A Multimedia approach to Animal Science
Who said science has to be taught from only textbooks? The kind of science you remember best from your own childhood is probably those hands-on experiments you did in school. Why not take a Multimedia approach to Teaching Science

A Multimedia approach to Teaching History
Children are often resistant to using the standard textbook approach to learning about historical characters. Here you will find selections of books and DVD's to assist you in taking a multimedia to teaching history.

Voter Preparation - November Election
As November elections approach, homeschoolers should try to find out the positions of the candidates on the issues of most importance to parents. NHELD has compiled a short list of suggested questions.

A Multimedia approach to Teaching WWII History
Children are often resistant to using the standard textbook approach to learning about historical characters. Here you will find selections of books and DVD's to assist you in taking a multimedia to teaching history.

Valentine's Day Reading List
Valentine's Day is a terrific time to get into a good book. From funny, to fuzzy, whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it, you'll find the perfect book for the season. Check out these selections:

Movie Review: Valkyrie
I plan to use Valkyrie as a springboard to further WWII history to help my son to better understand the reining politics in Germany of the day. The documentary portrays Tom Cruise as Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, a soldier wounded in Africa during World War II. He returns to Germany and joins the Resistance, becoming involved in a daring plan to assassinate Hitler.

Starting Out: Video Addiction
Help! My son only wants to play video games. He is trying to make contact with some friends but plans keep falling through so most of the time he is just home watching TV or playing videos. What do I do?

Top Rated Homeschool Books
Here you will find the most popular homeschooling books chosen for their outstanding features and editorial excellence. From fun, creative educational activities to help for new homeschooling parents -- find everything you need to successfully homeschool your children.

The Settlers of Catan Strategy Board Game
The Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games is an award-winning strategy game where players collect resources and use them to build roads, settlements and cities on their way to victory.

Be Prepared For Winter Emergencies
Many of us live in areas prone to bad weather. Snow can be great fun to play in but can create special hazards when we must drive in it. With a little forethought and preparation, we can brave the winter snow with confidence.

Socialization - Isolation, Incompetence and Ignorance
It is glaringly obvious that the author of 'Home is no place for school' is completely ignorant on the subject of homeschooling, not to mention our form of government. Luckily for Dennis L. Evans, the first amendment does protect his right to arrogantly flaunt his lack of understanding of both. As such it is our right, nay our duty, to exploit and expose that ignorance.

How To Start Your Own Local Homeschool Support Group
It can often take a great deal of time and effort to hook up with a local homeschooling support group in your area. Trust me I sympathize. Our family lives in the California Sierra Mountains, in an area seemingly dominated by church homeschool groups and charter schools. Independent homeschool groups can really start to feel like social outcasts in a climate such as this. So, what do you do? Start your own group.

How to Get the Word Out?
No comfortable homeschooling support group in your area? Take heart! You can start one very easily, on a shoestring. Learn how to get the word out!

Summer Reading Programs
Summer is a terrific time for students to read some good books and improve their reading and vocabulary skills, at the same time. Libraries educational centers and book stores make it easy to get your student involved and earn rewards as well.

The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher
Twenty-six years ago, having nothing better to do, I tried my hand at schoolteaching. My license certifies me as an instructor of English language and literature, but that isn't what I do at all. What I teach is school, and I win awards doing it. Teaching means many different things, but six lessons are common to schoolteaching from Harlem to Hollywood. You pay for these lessons in more ways than you can imagine, so you might as well know what they are:

Free Subtraction Worksheets from LocalHS
Create your own subtraction practice worksheets, generate timed tests and practice sets. This worksheet generator creates worksheets with large numbers - even negative numbers. Instant answer sheets provided for each quiz with a single click.

SmartDraw: Homeschool Edition Review
SmartDraw includes plenty of fully customizable templates as well as blank forms that allow you to create unique forms, records, charts and graphs from scratch. If you can imagine it, you can create it...

Stinging Nettle Teaches Homeschooled Teenager Why People Like to Shop
Young Annika learns a love for nature and gains insight into a womans natural need to play the part of the gatherer, with stinging nettles experience.

Starting Out: School-at-Home
Jane tells about her experience when she first started homeschooling her children. After years of fighting with the school system, and a parent/teacher conference where my son's homeroom teacher announced that he would fail 5th grade because he kept forgetting his pencil we decided that enough was enough.

Teaching Kids To Save & Invest Wisely
Financial expert Gary D. Halbert shares tips for teaching your children or grandchildren -- whether minors or adults - the importance of saving money and investing money wisely. It doesn't matter if your kids or grandkids are adolescents in their early teens or if they are grown adults of any age. We are never too old or too well off to save and invest wisely.

Teaching with Games
Excellence in Education to Host Teaching with Games Workshop - November 19, 2005

Thanksgiving Theme Learning Ideas and Resources | Elementary Age Children
Thanksgiving resources to assist adults and students, both young and old, in expanding their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. These resources are a starting point and by no means should they be considered exhaustive.

The Road to Homeschool
Contemplating a child's future is daunting and having to accept complete responsibility for that child's future can be alarming. After much anxiety and many tears, we finally decided that our children needed our help and that we couldn't possibly fail them worse than the public school system they were currently attending.

Thanksgiving Theme Learning Ideas and Resources - Field Trips
Learn and Explore - Experience history first hand with these Thanksgiving Field Trip Ideas created for everyone. Learn the history and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Theme Learning Ideas and Resources | Middle School Ages
Thanksgiving resources to assist adults and students, both young and old, in expanding their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. These resources are a starting point and by no means should they be considered exhaustive.

Thanksgiving Theme Learning Ideas and Resources -- Preschoolers
Thanksgiving resources to assist adults and students, both young and old, in expanding their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. These resources are a starting point and by no means should they be considered exhaustive.

Thanksgiving Theme Learning Ideas and Resources | Young Adults
Thanksgiving resources to assist adults and students, both young and old, in expanding their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. These resources are a starting point and by no means should they be considered exhaustive.

A Multimedia approach to the Titanic
Who said history has to be taught from only textbooks? The kind of history we remember best from our own childhood are those lessons that allowed us to see, hear, feel and experience things for ourselves. Take a Multimedia approach to Teaching the history of the RMS Titanic...

Tools for the Self-Taught Technology Student
Providing children with access to technology prepares young ones for advanced educational opportunities and gives young people an edge in our computer driven society. Technology plays an important part of our world. Find out how you can help garner enthusiasm in your youngster.

Ten Signs that You Need to Find a Different Kind of Education for Your Child
Because our public school system has now considerably deteriorated, many parents, teachers, and individuals have taken it upon themselves to create public and private alternatives to that traditional system which is definitely failing.

Are Polar Bears in Danger?
There has been a great deal of controversy regarding the listing of Polar Bears on the Endangered Species list. What do you think? Are polar bears endangered? Can they learn to live in our ever changing world?

The Reiner Initiative and Preschool Pressures
What might be the problem with universal preschool? Where can conscientious parents and educators find common ground? In this interview, Diane Flynn Keith shares her views with Jo Scott-Coe about California's 'First Five' advertisements, Rob Reiner, standardized testing, John Taylor Gatto, Bill Gates, Oprah--and much more.

Homeschoolers Testify Before State SARB
California's State SARB met May 9th in Sacramento, where a draft version of the new SARB handbook was released. Several items were on the agenda for discussion, but the hot topic of the day was the Private School Affidavit process, which came under fire by several board members.

Saving & Investing Wisely - Part II: Teaching Your Adult Children To Save
This is the second in a series of articles designed to help you with teaching your children and/or grandchildren to save and invest wisely. This week, I will discuss how to help your ADULT children or grandchildren become better savers. You might not think it is necessary (or even your business) to teach your adult children to become better savers. Yet we face a savings crisis in America as I will point out below. And as I stressed in Part I of this series, I believe it is our obligation as parents to teach our kids to save and invest wisely.

Fall Fun: Scavenger Hunt
Fun activity for children, which can be adapted for all ages. A scavenger hunt is a great way to encourage children to observe items they would normally not pay any attention to in the course of their normal activities. It's a terrific way to introduce your children to various science activities and get them outside, enjoying the fresh air, at the same time.

Back-to-School? Maybe Not
The dog days of summer are here, soon fall will be upon us and yet another school year has begun. I can still remember sitting in class staring out the window, longing to get outdoors and explore.

A Multimedia approach to Teaching Science
Who said science has to be taught from only textbooks? The kind of science you remember best from your own childhood is probably those hands-on experiments you did in school. Why not take a Multimedia approach to Teaching Science...

Tips that Work | Learning Multiplication
Learning the mulitiplication tables comes easy to some children, others may really struggle trying to grasp the concept. It is important to take into account a child's learning style because what may work for one child, simply might not work with another. The following tips provide a wide range of resources to assist you in teaching your child their multiplication facts.

Free Music Programs and Summer Music Camps
All children are musical, and primary caregivers play a crucial role in nurturing their child's musical development. Regardless of your child's musical ability, he or she can benefit from exposure to music in it's many forms. Best of all, it's fun!

Exploring Natural Bridges Habitat
Our 2006 Trip to Natural Bridges: Summer is here and so is the hot weather. Kicking off the season right, we made the excursion to Vallecito, CA and traipsed down the trail to Natural Bridges. You may recall we made the same trip last year. Oh, what a difference a year can make. Don't miss our photo gallery. This year the camera actually worked.

Nature's Playground: Activities, Crafts, and Games to Encourage Children to Get Outdoors
Introducing children to the excitement of the natural world, this guide to outdoor adventure provides hours of creative, safe, and fun activities. Children will learn how to build a den from branches, make twig boats to sail across a pond, and voyage through the backyard to find tiny insects and creatures.

NHELD addresses In Re Rachael L. | California Appellate Court Ruling
In this case, a California court did offer an opinion about the rights of a family to homeschool. In this indepth article, Attorney Deborah Stevenson takes us step-by-step through the court process, the ruling and what it means to homeschoolers.

Homeschool News!
Homeschool News provides links to homeschooling, charter school and virtual education items of interest to homeschoolers. Keep informed on the latest homeschooling news.

Exploring the Local Terrain
Come along with us on our 2005 hiking trip to Natural Bridges near Columbia, CA. Having been told we'd find a swimming hole at the bottom of our trek, doubt began to crowd my mind, as we meandered along a dried up creek bed. Where was all the water? Did we make a huge mistake? Please let their be water here somewhere!

Learning to Read - What are the basic steps?
Most parents are thrilled when their child starts learning to read. But many parents are surprised to learn that despite family background, learning to read is often not an automatic or trouble-free process.

Teach Your Child Math - Learn Mathematics
Math doesn't have to be hard. We've provided lots of resources to assist your child on the road to mathematical mastery. Here you will find games, workbooks, and manipulatives that will help your child master his fear of math.

Maya Mathematics
I have prepared a booklet on how to do calculations with Mayan numbers, including the square-root procedure that children learn in school. The booklet includes addition and subtraction tables for Mayan numbers.

Medical Emergencies
Injuries, accidents and illness happen and often times they can't be avoided but parents can have the upper hand by preparing ahead of time for these medical emergencies. Pete and Maribel Hernandez have provided a list of emergencies to assist parents in anticipation of the unexpected, helping to save not only precious time but also money on costly and often unnecessary professional medical care.

Method Maze: To School or Not To School
Whether you are new to the homeschool scene or you are an old hat, taking complete charge of your child's schooling can seem like a daunting task. If you think ordering a Latte from your local Starbucks is a challenge, you might not be quite ready to homeschool.

Microfinance Unit Study -- Microfinancing for Kids & Parents!
Microfinance is a form of banking whereby financial institutions offer small loans to the poor. The idea behind the concept, which originated in Bangladesh in the mid 1970s, is that motivated and disciplined poor people could climb out of poverty if they had access to funding.

Mind The Gap: Watching For 'Holes' in Your Child's Education
Can following a curriculum guarantee there won't be gaps in a child's schooling? Is a transcript from a public charter school proof that there aren't any cracks in a child's education? No! And if you think so, you're delusional! No one has a complete education. No one ever has, and no one ever will.

Teach Your Child About Money | Kids and Money
As adults many of us still don't have a handle on our finances. Give your children a head-start. Teach them about money management. Kids can learn how to create a budget, create an investment strategy, begin a savings plan and much more. Who knows you might even learn a thing or two along the way.

Goodbye Marvin Gardens - Hello Golden Gate Bridge
Hasbro finally invented a Monopoly game that can be played in just a couple of hours. The game is called 'Monopoly Electronic Banking' edition and I personally find the game quite enjoyable.

Motherlode Area Calendar of Events
The kids will love exploring the great outdoors in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties. Get outside and enjoy the fine summer weather, the kids will have fun swimming, rafting, birdwatching, hiking, cycling, or just singing around the camp fire. We've included many family resources and event information for Calaveras and Tuolumne County. Explore the Mother Lode and all it has to offer.

Academic Motivation
Many homeschoolers who follow the traditional school schedule are now getting back into the swing of another school year. This often begins to bring difficulties to the surface...Research indicates that children (especially boys) don't typically acquire the ability to think abstractly until around the age 10-12 years, so many parents are asking how can we motivate them to learn?

World's Tastiest Egg Rolls - Education in the kitchen
Most children love to help out in the kitchen. Making the World's Tastiest Egg Rolls can not only be fun but educational. A perfect dish to make with the 13-17 year old crowd. Cooking crosses all developmental domains (cognitive, physical, mental, social and emotional), touches all major educational subject areas and you get to eat many of the teaching materials!

Education in the Kitchen
Cooking is more than about eating. It's more than just satisfying a basic need. Cooking is the ultimate way to educate your child. Cooking crosses all developmental domains (cognitive, physical, mental, social and emotional), touches all major educational subject areas and you get to eat many of the teaching materials!

American Apple Crisp - Education in the kitchen
Children just love apples and why not? They are yummy to eat and large enough for little hands, which makes American Apple Crisp perfect for your 5-8 year old. Cooking is more than about eating. It's more than just satisfying a basic need. Cooking is the ultimate way to educate your child.

Pomeberry Smoothie - Education in the kitchen
The 9-12 year old range is the perfect time to start your young cook out right. Children this age are anxious to create new things and experiment in the kitchen. This Pomeberry Smoothie is a treat they will enjoy and have fun creating. Your child might even decide to change the recipe around a little. Why not? The worst that can happen is you end up adding a little more sugar to make it go down better.

Chicken Quesadillas - Education in the Kitchen
It's never too early to begin teaching a child to cook, after all, everyone has to eat. Your preschooler will enjoy making these Chicken Quesadillas. He or she will learn about the importance of washing their hands, learn a few new words and have fun with mom or dad too. What could be more perfect? Cooking crosses all developmental domains (cognitive, physical, mental, social and emotional), touches all major educational subject areas and you get to eat many of the teaching materials!

Kids Room -- Organization
We are talking about a whirlwind of toys strew around the room with no rhyme or reason. When friendly requests of organization go unheeded, things can get a little tense...

Kindle Books
With the Kindle, I can read and seeing the words on the screen helps me to stay focused and the family seems to enjoy it when I read to them in the car.

How to Communicate so Your Legislator Will Listen
Find out where he or she stands on your issue by making inquiries at local group meetings and organizations. Read the local newspapers. What do they say about your legislator? Visit his or her website and sign up for his or her newsletter.

Adolf Hitler, Dr. Zhivago, Columbine and CBS News
A pointed response to CBS' anti-homeschooling aricles of mid-October 2003. CBS contends that the murder and suicide of the children of Nissa Warren represent a broad enough sample of horrors to impose monitoring and oversight to homeschooling families that is not applied to others.

Homeschool Your Teen to Financial Success
Can you imagine a scenario where your child is in their mid-thirties and still buried in student debt? This is a reality for many parents. By including financial literacy in your home school curriculum you will have an instrumental role in providing a brighter future for your child.

Homeschooling and Socialism: The Worst Possible Mix
Homeschooling and Socialism: The Worst Possible Mix - We don't recognize socialism in our own country because we are so much in the habit of associating socialism with repressive totalitarian regimes. In America, we entice families into our social programs with slick salesmanship, sweet-talk, hand-wringing, hand-holding, and bribes.

Homeschools Determined to be Educational Institutions
In November 2004, homeschoolers nationwide lost more freedom, as the United States Court of Appeals deemed homeschools were schools and approved educational institutions. Sadly, HSLDA is shaping a federal definition of homeschooling, a definition that clearly is going to affect us all.

Homeschoolers Oppose HSLDA's Efforts
Homeschoolers oppose HSLDA's efforts. Each time homeschoolers are included in any federal law, the federal government has usurped its authority under the Constitution and is effectively declaring that it can regulate homeschooling.

Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act (HONDA)
Homeschoolers oppose HSLDA's efforts. Each time homeschoolers are included in any federal law, the federal government has usurped its authority under the Constitution and is effectively declaring that it can regulate homeschooling.

Handling it Ourselves
New homeschoolers understandably worry about meeting state requirements and interacting with division superintendents. Even veterans may feel intimidated by the presumed authority of the school officials with whom they necessarily have contact.

Health Starts at Home: Healthy Lifestyle Choices - Eat Right For Your Type
Not only does our family choose to be different by homeschooling, we tend to do other things different as well. For instance most of my extended family will run to the doctor at the first signs of illness.

Teaching Health at Home
On a recent visit to our Grandparents house, we were amazed to find them doing extraordinarily well. Grandma, even after numerous hip surgeries, was getting around, like she was a young spring chicken. She was eager to share her secret with us...

Help! My First Grader Wants To Go To School!
Homeschoolers come in all sizes, shapes and persuasions. Most of us don't homeschool because we think we know it all. We choose to spend more time with our children, in hopes of giving them the best start in life as possible. Self doubt comes with the territory. After all, our children didn't come with manuals any more than yours did.

Don't Let Gas Prices Cancel Carschooling Fun!
Yes, gas prices are high, but don't let them cancel your family's summer vacation plans. Carschooling author Diane Flynn Keith offers cost saving tips to help ease the pinch of rising gasoline prices...

Free Homeschool FunDays and Stuff
Free Family Film Festival, Homeschool Day at Angel Stadium!, Wacky Science, and other Free (or low-cost) Homeschool Days are just a few of the exciting family friendly events, you can attend and many of them are free. If you are looking for fun, inexpensive field trips that both educate and entertain, check it out!

Visit the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA
No child living in the area should reach the age of ten, without having visited the Exploratorium and taking advantage of all it has to offer both children and adults alike.

Homeschooling - A Family Affair
CBS reports that homeschoolers have something to hide and are potential child abusers who are hiding out. The truth could lie in a totally different direction.

The Federalization of Homeschooling
Did you know? There are nine pieces of federal legislation currently being considered by Congress which include the words home school in them, or refer to existing legislation that includes home school.

Overcoming The Financial Literacy Deficit
While parents seem focused on surviving financially difficult times, they may be overlooking a pending crisis with the younger generation. Educator, financial researcher, and author J. Steve Miller of the new book Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest it, and Give It proposes a new approach to personal finance for youth and addresses with audiences the statistics below, including how to help young adults make sound financial decisions.

Teaching Teens How to Gain Financial Freedom
There is nothing worse than seeing your child in their mid-twenties, toiling in more debt than you ever did at that age. By taking a proactive approach as a parent, you can have an instrumental role in providing a brighter future for your child. Pass Vince Shorb's financial tips onto your children, and show them how to apply them to their everyday life, they will not only be able to start building a financially secure future, but escape the shackles of life long debt.

First Day of School - Homeschooling Style
On Monday, August 28th, the school buses pulled away from the curb, and somewhere in Rancho Cucamonga, a public school started, and Nicki was here at home - Our Homeschooling Adventure had begun for real!

Homeschooling Workshops and Classes
There is nothing like a new class or workshop to help recharge our batteries; whether in-person or online. Find kitchen cooking projects, conferences, and much more...

Starting Out: Deschooling
Homeschooler's tell about their real life homeschooling experiences. Have a look into the life of a homeschooled student. You will be surprised to find they are just like you and me. Read their stories now. Find out why homeschooling is so successful

Premade Doll Cradles and Doll Cradle Kits
When you think of a little girl playing mommy with her babies, you think of doll cradles too. Sweet, simple, wholesome play that helps little girls learn how to be a mommy someday.

Universities And Athlete's Foot - 'Bout Equal
Today we'll destroy the universities and drive professors into the streets to starve, perhaps pulling themselves by their fingernails and feeding on remnants of discarded hamburgers. This will reform western civilization. (This is a full-service column. It doesn't mess with the petty stuff.)

Equivalent Instruction
Did you know? Many states use the term 'equivalent instruction' in their education statutes especially as it applies to homeschooling.

Starting Out: Decompression Time
Homeschooler's tell about their real life homeschooling experiences. Have a look into the life of a homeschooled student. You will be surprised to find they are just like you and me. Read their stories now. Find out why homeschooling is so successful

Local Homeschool Affiliates
Local Homeschool has carefully selected the following affiliate programs to participate in because we respect your online privacy and we know you will appreciate saving money!

DVD Selections
These family DVD selections provide entertainment, education and much more. DVD's can expose a child to a world they have never dreamed of before. Use DVD's to expand your child's horizons.

Homeschooling Field Trips Archive
Adventure and homeschooling go hand in hand. Come along with our family as we explore the great outdoors. You might just be inspired to get out and explore a few field trips on your own.

Finance Archive | Teaching Kids About Money
Homeschooling tends to be an expensive endeavor, and those families that choose to homeschool usually desire to reduce their expenses and increase their income in the best possible way to encourage their family bond. This section highlights several tools, resources, articles and suggestions for financial solvency.

LocalHS Freebies
Who doesn't like to save money? Especially in today's economy. We've compiled some terrific resources and ideas with things you can do to keep the kids busy, without breaking the bank.

Free Math Worksheet Generator
Free Math Worksheets from LocalHS! These worksheet generators allow you to choose the parameters and create worksheets on the fly. Why struggle to figure out the answers to the worksheets you've created? We've made it simple. Just one click and the answers are provided.

Thanksgiving Resources
Thanksgiving resources to assist adults and students, both young and old, in expanding their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. These resources are a starting point and by no means should they be considered exhaustive.

Homeschooling Product Reviews and Information
Get the New E-Book UP Learning Calendar!

Homeschooling Methods Archive
Homeschooling has never been a one-size-fits-all endeavor, as such there are almost as many homeschooling methods as their are homeschoolers. Here we present a few for your consideration.

LocalHS Homeschool Resources
Choose from the best selling homeschool books to help you get started homeschooling from preschool through high school, and new books recommended by Local Homeschool Support Groups website.

Contests for Homeschoolers
Contests for Homeschoolers - Get the kids involved in a contest. What a terrific way to learn.

Plan a Big Trees Campout
Calaveras Big Trees State Park, is located northeast of Stockton, California on the Highway 4 corridor. The giant sequoias are a not-to-be-missed experience — these are the biggest trees on earth! You will also be able to swim, raft, go birdwatching, hike, ride your bike, or just sit back and enjoy the incredible beauty of this park.

Building an Enthusiastic Reader From Scratch
Thousands of books have been written on the subject of reading, specifically how to teach a child to read. You can spend hundreds of dollars on reading materials or you could simply use what you know of your child and just do it. Better still; let your son or daughter figure it out on his or her own.

California Master Plan for Education 2002
California Master Plan for Education 2002 - Document Index

California Independent Study Programs (PSP)
California Private School Satellite Programs, both private and public school independent study programs, and homeschool programs listed by city.

The Settlers of Catan Strategy Game
The Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games is an award-winning strategy game where players collect resources and use them to build roads, settlements and cities on their way to victory.

Yearly Calendars Galore
Calendars make wonderful gifts but have you ever thought of using them to motivate your child all year long? These Calendars are sure to be a hit with family members.

Charter Take-Over
Is Charter Schooling Really Homeschooling? As the charter school movement continues to grow, what have been the affects on the homeschooling community at-large?

Bootie Zimmer's Choice - Page 2
We had a perfectly literate country before 1852 when, for the first time, we got government schooling shoved down our throats. How we achieved this amazing literacy is wrapped up in the secret that reading, writing and numbers are very easy to learn -- in spite of what you hear from the reading, writing and number establishments.

How to Choose a Local Homeschool Support Group
There are two basic types of homeschool support groups: general, and those with a specific focus. Within these, there are myriad variations. Understanding the variety can help you find the one that is right for you.

Christmas Gift Giving
One mother has found a way to make Christmas not only fun for her family but also create memories that will last a life-time.

Scouting Out Clavey River
Have you ever attempted to imagine what it must have been like for the settlers who rode the dusty trail in covered wagons, on horseback and on foot to start a new life in the west? Not many of us could in our wildest dreams imagine the hardship and trials those early pioneers endured in their travels across the wilderness. This trip was one of the scariest adventures I've ever dared to attempt.

Nationwide Homeschool Conference Listing
California Private School Satellite Programs, both private and public school independent study programs, and homeschool programs listed by city.

Free and Inexpensive Art Programs for Homeschoolers
Create, perform and experience the arts! Check out these Free and Inexpensive Art Programs for Homeschoolers

The American Patriot's Bible
In the midst of the recession, a new Bible project is offering hope to rekindle the American spirit. The American Patriot's Bible takes readers on a powerful journey revealing how faith has seen American citizens through troubled times, as well as impacted the overall formation of this great nation.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Authenticates Inspiring History Book
Seattle author and photographer Michael Class has used digital composite photography to place his twelve year-old son, Anthony, in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis with Charles Lindbergh, in the laboratory with Thomas Edison, on the baseball diamond with Lou Gehrig, and on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Prepaid Allowance Cards for Teens
In response to a growing epidemic of financial illiteracy among the nation's youth, parents are turning to pre-paid allowance cards created specifically for kids and teens.

These Amazing Bats
You could say a bat is handy to have hanging around. After all, bats are great for the ecosystem. Most eat tons and tons of harmful insects. Some species help reseed rainforests, while others pollinate plants.

Abuse and Neglect
Every state has abuse and neglect statutes, however, targeting homeschoolers for additional legislation due to perceptions of a potential link between homeschooling and abuse and neglect may be discriminatory.

Free Addition Worksheets from LocalHS
Create your own addition practice worksheets, generate timed tests and practice sets. This worksheet generator creates worksheets with large numbers - even negative numbers. Instant answer sheets provided for each quiz with a single click.

Homeschool Information
Basic homeschooling information on how to get started on your homeschool journey. Links to legal information. Help for military families interested in the legal issues unique to military families.

Local Homeschool Information Archives
Search the Local Homeschool Information Archives for additional homeschooling articles and information written with the family in mind. It's not all about books and curriculum. This is a collection of articles on random topics from typical homeschooling helps to issues loosely related to act of homeschooling.

Stamps in the Classroom
Stamps engage children, immediately capturing their interest. Topics on stamps are diverse and represent history, geography, culture, health, science, sports, literature, music, the visual arts, and more. One stamp can touch on several of these topics prompting children to explore and discover new information and ideas.

Universal Preschool Site Launch
Diane Keith invites you to join her online. It is a personal New Year's goal of mine to provide a viable forum for offering a dissenting opinion on the topic of government funded and/or mandatory Universal Preschool.

VA Homeschoolers Salvage Yahoo! Disaster
Virginia's eclectic homeschoolers are the greatest! After Yahoogroups vaporized a favorite statewide discussion list, the homeschoolers rallied and recreated a new e-list with a membership of over 325 in three weeks.

2008 Homeschool Legislation
As this years legislative session nears a close, homeschool advocates are readying the troops to fight what could be the most important battle we've had to face in the last few years.

2006 Homeschool Legislation Alerts
As this years legislative session nears a close, homeschool advocates are readying the troops to fight what could be the most important battle we've had to face in the last few years.

Motherlode Area Homeschoolers
Motherlode Area Homeschoolers invites you to join us on a hike to Natural Bridges near Columbia, CA.

Homeschool Legal Issues
In recent days, there have been a rash of articles in the news proclaiming that a California court declared that parents no longer have a right to homeschool in that state. We encourage everyone to go behind the headlines and to read for themselves the entire decision of the court in question.

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2012 Archives

New to Homeschooling?
New to Homeschooling? Learn the ins and outs with the guidance of seasoned homeschool mom, Annette M. Hall

Celebrating Earth Day
Did you know that Earth Day is the second largest non-religious holiday celebrated in 175 countries around the world?

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About Local Homeschool Support Groups (LocalHS)
LocalHS provides free advertising to homeschool support group leaders, to assist homeschoolers in making lasting connections. It's hard to do it all alone we all could use a friend and playmates for our children. You will find local Christian groups, area Unschoolers, Inclusive organizations, sports teams, music lessons, math tutors and more.

Teaching Writing: A Workshop for Parents
With WriteShop, Homeschooling parents and co-op teachers alike will learn how to teach writing to their junior high and high school students. The seminar will help parents

Natural Bridges Hike and Scavenger Hunt
Join us on a nature walk to Natural Bridges in Vallecito, CA. Experience the wonders of nature and all it has to off with homeschooling friends.

Liberty's Kids The Complete Series -- History comes alive!
Liberty's is a cartoon adventure that takes place during the American Revolution. This favorite show of many homeschooling younsters is entertaining and educational. Live the adventures of the American Revolution. Watch online for free... (Updated: July 6, 2008)

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Ferret Phobia | Legalize Ferrets in California
Homeschool families are known to be a little strange, just ask anyone. We often keep strange hours, we are generally more informed than the general public on social issues and we keep strange pets.

2005 Homeschool Legislation
With many state legislatures beginning their 2005 session, homeschooling is once again a hot button issue. Numerous states have targeted homeschoolers by introducing legislation which would restrict homeschooling freedom.

State Legislative Websites
We have provided a list of legislative websites for each state. Our hope is to make it easier for you to find and communicate with your state legislators.

California Legislator Directory
This searchable database contains links to each legislators website, complete contact information, with e-mail address and district office addresses. We've provided photographs for easy identification and those elusive fax numbers.

Roy Hanson's Help Tree Legislative Alert
Summary of Concerns - SB 550 will lower the compulsory school age from 6 to 5. The 7/16/04 draft language for SB 550 says, It is the intent of the Legislature that each person aged 5 years not exempted under this chapter or Chapter 3... shall be subject to compulsory full-time education.

Happy Presidents' Day!
I thought we'd celebrate this year by posting some very creative videos.

Preschool Inhibits Children's Social Development
Stanford University and the University of California (UC) at Berkeley published a report of a research study dated November 4, 2005, on the effects of preschool on children's development. This study compares the math skills, reading, and social development of young children who attended preschool to that of young children who remained at home prior to kindergarten.

Trained Not to Trust Ourselves
Even in the homeschool community many families are paralyzed with fear of contradicting the experts who have written books and speak at conventions. There are many wonderful experts out there who are doing a good job helping and encouraging people in parenting, homeschooling, healing, childbirth and more. Sadly, though, our society has made people feel helpless in the face of the experts.

Have Fun with The Summer Moon Illusion
When my kids were little, I looked at any unusual, natural occurrence as an opportunity to have fun learning. This week Mother Nature offers a summer moon event that provides a wonderful way for kids to learn more about the moon -- or just have fun observing it and doing activities themed around it.

Online Learning and Safety
With the internet so widely available, many parents are combining education and the internet to enhance their child's educational endeavors. This dynamic duo has opened doors, never before possible.

Homeschooling the Numbers
We've grown used to seeing homeschool stories on the nightly news. Ratings must be good for homeschooling stories judging from the list of advertisers supporting the recent CBS story, which outraged many homeschooling families.

Stafford County woman is 'TheHomeSchoolMom'
Mary Ann Kelley, creator of started homeschooling five years ago. Kelley doesn't consider herself an authority on homeschooling. But she does know a thing or two about finding resources online. She's used a lot of them to develop a curriculum for her own children...

Education Research
An ongoing current archive of links and resources highlighting news concerning research in regards to education and family values.

Military Homeschooling FAQ
The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to assist students, parents, teachers, coaches, principals, school administrators, and others in understanding the implementation of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Policy Memorandum on Home Schooling dated November 6, 2002.

Socialization: Rules vs. Respect
Three weeks ago, I quoted Fred Frankel, Ph.D., on the rules of etiquette for joining other kids at play. Dr. Frankel contends that socially well-adjusted adults have mastered the intricacies of such social codes, from an early age. His book is chock-full of tables entitled 'The Rules of Being a Good Sport,' 'The Rules of Being a Good Host,' etc., etc. The acquisition of such social codes is what many people have in mind when they ask, 'What about socialization?'

Military Homeschooling Information
Department of Defense Homeschooling Policy

Life after Cable Television
A little over a year ago we shut-off the cable. The first few months without service were a breeze. The longer we were without cable though the harder it got. We began buying movies again and borrowing DVDs from the Twain Harte Public Library.

Have You Heard?
Contrary to the conjecture of home school critics, I generally find homeschooled children to be remarkably bright, polite, and humble (this might have the appearance of social deprivation in a society that promotes self and lack of discipline).

Congress Reprimands CBS
As members of Congress who either home school our own children or support the right of parents to homeschool, we were deeply offended by the recent Eye on America segment dealing with homeschooling.

Edit a Support Group Listing
Please help us keep LocalHS up-to-date. Instructions on how to edit your local homeschool support group listing on LocalHS.

Fact Checker Needed
Are you a homeschooling and motivated individual? is in need of some serious work. Please submit an E-mail and tell us a little about yourself and your background if you meet the following criteria...

Products Sponsored by LocalHS
LocalHS is dedicated to providing quality resources for homeschoolers of all types. We encourage you to check out the following books and resources.

The Welfare State: No Mercy For the Middle Class
In 'The Welfare State: No Mercy For the Middle Class,' author John McKay tells hardworking, middle-class Americans how strangling government taxes and regulations take away their freedom and chance for a decent, prosperous future for themselves and their children. He also shows why these taxes and regulations are immoral and un-American.

Public Schools, Public Menace
Parents --- Are you disgusted with the third-rate education your child is getting in public school? Great News --- You can now afford to give your child a quality, private-school education!

Google AdSense Secrets - Making More Money with Google AdSense
What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense, the definitive manual for increasing your AdSense income exponentially. Double, triple or quadruple your AdSense income with the proven and tested tips and tricks in this eBook.

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If you are having trouble navigating our search bar, you are not alone. My husband assured me when he implemented them that they were obvious and would be easy for people to understand. Well, I guess I'm not the only one who had trouble with them. I've received feedback from others who can't quite seem to navigate our nifty little search tool. For you these instructions are long over due and for that I apologize.

2010 Archives

Homeschool Scuttle: The 'Debate' Continues
Last month I found a link to the Dr. Phil Show web page asking for opinions about homeschooling. I wrote down some comments, and sent off my thoughts regarding the topic. I had no doubt that my words would disappear in a flood of other opinions, and since I thought the show was filmed in Chicago, I didn't give the matter a second thought.

Homeschool Scuttle: Reading Between the Lines
A young mother of three asked Diane the following question and it brought back very fond memories of my own son's early years.

Homeschool Scuttle: Moving Away to Arizona
Cierra is a 14-year-old homeschooler, she attended a full-time charter school in Michigan and currently is enrolled in an off-campus charter. She writes about her cross-country move from Michigan to Arizona.

Homeschool Scuttle: Fireflies, Crafts and Grandma
A little old fashioned creativity for a modern world.

Homeschool Scuttle: Free Homeschool TeleConference
Homeschool Thursdays TeleConference With Diane Flynn Keith

Homeschool Scuttle: How To Write Your Holiday Thank-You's
With the holidays over, it's time to start writing thank-you notes for all those wonderful gifts.

Homeschool Scuttle: General's Month
It's often difficult to get the kids on board with the history program .

Homeschool Scuttle: Homeschooling - The Vision
I am pleased to announce that the worst is behind us; my son is on the mend. I am most grateful for all of your prayers and notes.

2009 Archives

Homeschool Scuttle: Free Tele-Seminar
During my FREE teleseminar for parents, I'm going to reveal how you can empower your teens with a solid financial foundation by discovering...

Homeschool Scuttle: Homeschool Divorce Trial
Have you been following the most recent homeschooling case to hit the news? Jeff and Lisa are fighting out the private matter of the education of their children in a St. Charles County court house. I wonder if they realize that this is how thousands of CPS cases are started each year? But that's an issue for another day.

Homeschool Scuttle: Help for Parents!
During this back-to-school season many homeschooling parents will seek advice on how best to facilitate their child's education. We talk to our homeschooling friends and discuss our current educational struggles, seeking answers to a multitude of questions.

Homeschool Scuttle: Charter School Babble
It looks to me like the San Bernardino Unified School District is starting to feel the pinch. Could the school's fiancial officers be plotting to curtail the surge in charter school offerings?

Homeschool Scuttle: New Kids Program
Watch an interview with Warren Buffet and a preview of the Secret Millionaire's Club, as they attempt to save the Omaha Candy Company .

Homeschool Scuttle: Bio-engineered Food

Homeschool Scuttle: Stop Homeschooling Judge Orders!
As part of a continuing divorce case, Wake District Court Judge Ned Mangum, in North Carolina, said last Friday that it would be in the "best interests" of Venessa Mills' three children to go to public school this fall .

Homeschool Scuttle: Do Hard Things!
Did you know that prior to 1941 there was no such thing as a "teenager"? I knew that things had changed in recent years but I didn't realize it was that recent in our history.

Homeschool Scuttle: Animal School
As I watched this I couldn't help but think just how fortunate most homeschooled children really are.

Homeschool Scuttle: Blogging Anyone?
Hi all!, I guess you've probably noticed there hasn't been much going on here recently. There's a reason for that. (There usually is.)

Homeschool Scuttle: Homeschool Questions!
Homeschooled students get asked all sorts of questions that a traditionally schooled child would never be asked.

Homeschool Scuttle: Back-to-school Shopping
Remember the dreaded back to school shopping trips? Our local stores always had the worst selection of clothing for back-to-school shoppers and you simply couldn't go to school wearing some old nothing outfit. We knew we were getting the basics for school and grandma tried but her taste in clothing ran in a different neighborhood than mine — probably even in another universe.

Homeschool Scuttle: Changes are Coming!
This past week has been a long and tedious one. Around this time of year I start to feel restless and antsy, I think it's my New Year. I love the fall and all the business it brings -- back-to-school time, shopping, winter preparation -- the list is endless.

Homeschool Scuttle: House Hunting!
As most of you know my family works from home — we all pitch in and do our part, it works for us.

Homeschool Scuttle: Get up Extra Early!
Geeky homeschoolers and students of numerology may be find this tidbit facinating.

Homeschool Scuttle: Closing Ranks?
As a data miner so-to-speak, I collect homeschooling data on a massive scale, to use primarily as a resource to connect homeschooling families.

Homeschool Scuttle: Schooled at home
Some unnamed -- don't you just love it when writers spout off publicly and can't even own up to their own work? Some chicken in Alaska is spouting off about how the homeschooling laws in Alaska are too lax.

Homeschool Scuttle: A Disaster in the Making!
Family Protection Ministries , Critical Action Alert

Homeschool Scuttle: Facebook Fun
I've spent the past few days playing around with Facebook.

Homeschool Scuttle: Prayer Request
Dear Readers,

Homeschool Scuttle: Documentary: The Cartel
A feature-length documentary about our urgent national need for school choice, "The Cartel" shows us our failing educational system like weve never seen it before.

Homeschool Scuttle: Dry Ice Science Fun!
This is my favorite time of year and as a homeschooling family this is the perfect time of year to do things we wouldn't normally do any other time of year.

Homeschool Scuttle: Non-Weight Loss
I hate to admit it but my son is a little overweight, well, maybe more than a little -- I worry about his health. He's 13 and weighs in at a hefty 164.5 pounds.

Homeschool Scuttle: Homeschool Science Program
Hello, I am a certified George science teacher for grades 4-12 and have been teaching for over 12 years.

2008 Archives

Homeschool Scuttle
A young mother of three asked Diane the following question and it brought back very fond memories of my own son's early years.

Homeschool Scuttle: Elizabeth's Arm!
One of the worst things in the world that too many parents face today is caring for a child with an illness or disability — especially a child that is often in pain.

Homeschool Scuttle: LocalHS is Back!
After an electrical fire and explosion over the weekend, LocalHS is back up and running. Thousands still off-line.

Homeschool Scuttle: CA Legal Drama
Did a California Appellate Court Render Homeschooling Illegal in California?

Homeschool Scuttle: Free Movie Library
Sullivan Entertainment offers free movie library

Homeschool Scuttle: Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day is tomorrow but I've already received all my gifts. Shame on me!

Homeschool Scuttle: Money Matters
Teens always want more money. They are often very good at spending it but often they do not know how to handle the money they already have.

Homeschool Scuttle: CA Stone Age
Homeschooling legal in Michigan since 1993

Homeschool Scuttle: Legality of Homeschool
Do you ever wonder where journalists get their information?

Homeschool Scuttle: News in the News
Homeschooling is legal and everyone now knows it.

Homeschool Scuttle: Prime Minister

Homeschool Scuttle: Liberty's Kids Released
At last has begun to ship. As promised on October 14, 2008 Amazon began shipping out DVD's. We can expect to see them start arriving in our mailboxes soon. I'm so excited.

Homeschool Scuttle: Desert Travel
I have spent the majority of the past two days watching, "Exploring the Deserts of the Earth". The images captured on film are simply breathtaking. What it lacks in content, it more than makes up for in human-interest stories and factoids.

Homeschool Scuttle: No Place To Go
Runaway Teens Request For Assistance Triggers Investigation

Homeschool Scuttle: Eleven and Driving
A Scandia birthday celebration to remember.

Homeschool Scuttle: Compulsive Behavior
As a parent I often find it frustrating when my own child displays his compulsive behavior. Our home is filled with it.

Homeschool Scuttle: NEA Windbags
The windbags at the NEA are at it again; they have issued their annual statement of condemnation against homeschooling. Was it merely coincidence that it was included in their list of resolutions, just below their mandate for humane treatment of classroom animals?

Homeschool Scuttle: CA: Penalty of Law
In lock-step with the California Teachers Association, and marching to the beat of the do-it-for-the-global-economy-and-new-world-order drum, California Assembly Member Gene Mullin (Democrat, South San Francisco) introduced the heinous Assembly Bill 1236: Kindergarten Readiness Act that will be heard on Wednesday, April 25th before the Assembly Committee on Education.

Homeschool Scuttle: Get a Real Education
Los Angeles Times writers seemingly communist, ill-informed hacks.

Homeschool Scuttle: Charter Increase
Number of Charter Schools Increases 11 Percent Nationwide During 2006-2007 School Year More Than Half of All Charter Students Are Low-Income or Minority, According to New Survey

Homeschool Scuttle: You Gotta Go to School
Schoolhouse Rock Parody

Homeschool Scuttle: There Is Hope
Making memories on Highway 88 and Hope Valley

Homeschool Scuttle: HEM Turns 25!
Home Education Magazine Celebrates 25 Years!

Homeschool Scuttle: A Homeschool Moment
During a brief discourse held with my child early today we had the opportunity to discuss global warming. Since then I've gained a new perspective on the subject.

Homeschool Scuttle: Raising and Educating Teens
Way back when the yungins were still home, I would often check out the teenagers in our church. When I found a child that emulated the traits I wanted for my own children, I would corner the parents and ask them for their secret. It seems too ridiculous, recalling it now. It was as if I were asking for a cake recipe. Like any parent could give instructions for raising a successful child (what is the meaning of success?) in ten minutes or less.

Homeschool Scuttle: Concert Band Forming
Concert Band Forming in Lake County, Florida area.

Homeschool Scuttle: Television Alternatives
In case you missed it, there has been a lively discussion on the Unpreschool list on the merits and pitfalls of television viewing for young children. Author and lecturer Diane Flynn Keith provided a terrific list of activities to take the place of television viewing...

Homeschool Scuttle: Mail Bag Flame
Clueless in New Jersey

Homeschool Scuttle: Calling All Teachers
Free Laminating at Office Max

Homeschool Scuttle: Safe at Home
Top 10 Reasons To Homeschool Another Chapter

Homeschool Scuttle: California Math
Struggling to teach your kids elementary math skills like place values, division and fractions? Does your daily math time resemble an hour long argument between bitter adversaries rather that an enjoyable lesson between parent and child? Had one of those moments when you think the only way they'll learn math is by putting them in school? You aren't alone!

Homeschool Scuttle: Tell Me Again!
My eleven year old is; well, he's eleven and he acts like the typical eleven-year-old. I remind him each day to brush his teeth and he manages to act like it's the first time he's ever been asked to brush them in his life.

Homeschool Scuttle: MI: Vote for Homeschool Freedom
Maureen Whittmann reports that Michigan Candidate, Mark Meadows has vowed to restrict homeschooling for all Michigan homeschoolers.

Homeschool Scuttle: Pringles Challenge
Enter the 2007 Pringles Homeschool Challenge

Homeschool Scuttle: The Great Unschool Attack
They say timing is everything and the Dr. Phil Show is determined to get the most bang for their buck.

Homeschool Scuttle: Pink Floyd - 'The Wall'
Holly (not her real name) responds to this post on our homeschool list, found here in part...

Homeschool Scuttle: Jerry Springer Lite
"The Great School Debate" Episode Turns into the Great School Debacle Local Event Held to Demystify the Subject of Homeschooling

Homeschool Scuttle: Single Mom Struggles
I have a 13-year-old daughter who has struggled with school since the time she started and now as she gets older, it is getting worse for her.

Homeschool Scuttle: The Great School Debate
The Dr. Phil Show, "The Great School Debate" (Proposed Air Date: October 27, 2006, rescheduled to air Friday, November 24, 2006 ) begins with a couple that calls themselves "Radical Unschoolers."

Homeschool Scuttle: Learning to Write
I've been a little concerned over my son's writing skills lately. So, what do I do? I revert back to my typical schooled methods (employed by public schools across the nation) and purchased a Writing workbook from Mc Graw Hill.

Homeschool Scuttle: CA: 2007-08 Legislation
A brief look at pending California legislation which you should be aware of...

Homeschool Scuttle: Dr. Potato Head
I always liked to think of myself as a jack-of-all trades - yet master of none. Keeping that lofty goal in mind, I never thought I would be an expert in any particular field. So you have to imagine my surprise upon learning that, according to Dr. Phil, I am an expert at growing vegetables!

Homeschool Scuttle: Homeschoolers In Action
Kristen and Amy, high school chums, are homeschooling their children together.

Homeschool Scuttle: Have you attended a Dr. Phil Show?
Joni Cox contacted me and asked me about how to reach others who had attended the taping of The Great School Debate on the Dr. Phil Show.

Homeschool Scuttle: Are you an UnPreschooler?
Even though I don't actually have a preschooler in the house at this point in my life, I have very fond memories of those years that really weren't that long ago. This past year it has felt like my son is an alien and we can't manage a coherent conversation. We discuss two separate topics together, neither understanding what the other is saying.

Homeschool Scuttle: School Bully - School Principal
You might think that the school bully is the tough kid on the playground or on the school bus. But in this case you would be dead wrong. The school bully is the school principal , Olivia McCarthy.

Homeschool Scuttle: Thanksgiving and Family
Thanksgiving is closing in fast and the anxiety over the prospect of spending hours on end, with family members we may not have seen in months, hangs heavy in the air for many a homeschooling mom or dad.

Homeschool Scuttle: The Unschooling Method
In response to the San Francisco Chronicle editorial 'Rule of Education'.

Homeschool Scuttle: What's Cooking?
There is just something about the winter months that gets me in the cooking mood. I got up this morning and made up my mind that today was going to be a Chicken Paprikash day.

Legislative News and Views
Legislative news, commentary and analysis. Links to homeschooling, charter school and public legislative issues. Keep informed on legislative news, form your own opinions once you have the facts.

Tips for Raising Daughters: Teach Her by Example to Discover Her Talent
Women are always evolving; I know I am always a work in progress. I am curious about the hidden talents and gifts I still hope to discover someday. My daughter started her journey when she took her first breath. I sensed immediately that this child was grounded and strong...

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Tips for Raising Daughters: Teach Her by Example to Be Herself
I have always loved swimming and have passed on this joy to my children. We went to our local swimming pool a few times a week when my children were small. I was the mom in the racing suit who was swimming laps, jumping off the diving board, or playing in the middle of my children.

Legacy Clubs for Mothers and Daughters Archive
Legacy Clubs for Mothers and Daughters™ is the answer for mothers searching for a conservative alternative to Girl Scouts who desire to pass on their legacy of conservative family values. If you are a mother who desires to create a strong, lasting bond with your daughter(s), then this is the organization for you.

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