Listing Local Homeschool Support Groups in the area of Williamson, Texas (TX)


EAGLES Homeschool Group
(Educating Aiming Glorifying Leading Enriching Serving)

Educating, Aiming, Glorifying, Leading, Enriching, Serving

EAGLE offers parent lead classes, field trips, park/rec day, mom's fellowship as well as special academic and social activities for the kids. Our aim and purpose is to train and teach our children about God and the world He created.

Serving: Cedar Park, Leander, Lago Vista, Jonestown and Liberty Hill

Neighboring Counties: Bastrop, TX, Bell, TX, Blanco, TX, Burnet, TX, Caldwell, TX, Hays, TX, Lee, TX, Milam, TX, Travis, TX, Williamson, TX

Williamson, TX




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