Listing Local Homeschool Support Groups in the area of Shawnee, Kansas (KS)


Stepping Stones Homeschool Group

Christian Homeschool Group!

This group strives to provide quality Christian based educational resources and support for Christian home school families. We encourage a family commitment to this Christian based learning experience, without impacting family life. Classes are split up into small groups according to age. Each parent helps in some way, either teaching or helping in a class. Classes are chosen around a theme at the beginning of the school year, but are not limited to it. Subjects have included art, p.e., history, life skills, etc... We also organize field trips and guest speakers for added enrichment.

Meeting: Our group meets weekly Sept. thru May on Thursdays from 9-12:15 (excluding Nov. & Dec.) We meet in Overbrook, KS at a local church. Thursday, 9am-12:15 p.m., Overbrook, KS

Serving: Overbrook, Scranton, Carbondale, Baldwin, Topeka, Lawrence, Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Neighboring Counties: Douglas, KS, Jackson, KS, Jefferson, KS, Osage, KS, Pottawatomie, KS, Wabaunsee, KS

Shawnee, KS





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