Listing Local Homeschool Support Groups in the area of Otsego, Michigan (MI)


Northwoods Christian Homeschoolers

Learning in Michigan!

We seek to represent the home schooling community in a manner that honors Jesus Christ, provides moral support, informal sharing and educational training for parents. Northwoods Christian Homeschoolers also provides educational opportunities: skill exchanges, science fairs, classes, field trips and gym and enrichment co-op.

6943 Hayes Tower Road, Gaylord, MI 49735

Serving: Gaylord, Livingston, Bagley, Dover, Elmira, Hayes, Waters and surrounding Otsego communities.

Neighboring Counties: Antrim, MI, Charlevoix, MI, Cheboygan, MI, Crawford, MI, Kalkaska, MI, Montmorency, MI, Oscoda, MI

Otsego, MI




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