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Learners & Educators of Atlanta & Decatur

Fostering a sense of community among area homeschoolers.

Learners & Educators of Atlanta & Decatur also offers a variety of field trips and social events throughout the year. LEAD is an inclusive, secular home school organization providing social and educational opportunities to home educated children of all ages and their families, in the metro Atlanta area. Membership in LEAD is $20 per family annually. This cost goes toward covering our many operational expenses.

Meeting: We host a parent support meeting once a month at the UUCA, a weekly park day at Glenlake Park in Decatur, and classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (in 10 week sessions, from August through May) at the Boys & Girls Club in Oakhurst.

Serving: Metro Atlanta -- primarily Intown, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Oakhurst, Grant Park, etc...

Neighboring Counties: Gadsden, FL, Jackson, FL, Baker, GA, Clayton, GA, Fulton, GA, Grady, GA, Gwinnett, GA, Henry, GA, Miller, GA, Mitchell, GA, Rockdale, GA, Seminole, GA

Decatur, GA


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Kid Cultivators Homeschool Support Group

We grow kids from the inside out!

We are an inclusive homeschool support group for those considering, new to and experienced in homeschooling. We meet locally. We share information on resources, local field trips, activities, and other information pertinent to our needs. All are welcome as our group is interfaith and not affiliated with any church or denomination.

Meeting: Various locations.

Serving: Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Neighboring Counties: Gadsden, FL, Jackson, FL, Baker, GA, Bartow, GA, Carroll, GA, Cherokee, GA, Clayton, GA, Cobb, GA, Coweta, GA, De Kalb, GA, Douglas, GA, Fayette, GA, Forsyth, GA, Fulton, GA, Grady, GA, Gwinnett, GA, Henry, GA, Miller, GA, Mitchell, GA, Paulding, GA, Rockdale, GA, Seminole, GA

Decatur, GA

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