Listing Local Homeschool Support Groups in the area of Crawford, Kansas (KS)


Christian Home Education Association

Fellowship, Support, and Encouragement!

C.H.E.A. membership is open to Christian homeschoolers in the Southeast Kansas area. We have three planning teams to coordinate activities for these areas and all member moms are encouraged to serve on one of these teams. By sharing the responsibilities, we can make the group a success and can all have a part in the group's direction.

Meeting: We hold support meetings for mothers on a monthly basis. CHEA holds one field trip per month and 1 or 2 other student learning/social activities.

Serving: Pittsburg, Litchfield, Frontenac, Capaldo, Radley, Kirkwood, Langdon, Chicopee, Lone Oak, Cornell, Girard, Mulberry, Ringo, Croweburg and surrounding areas.

Neighboring Counties: Allen, KS, Bourbon, KS, Cheyenne, KS, Labette, KS, Neosho, KS, Barton, MO, Jasper, MO, Vernon, MO

Crawford, KS

Lezlie Lindsey
Ph:(620) 231-1171


Cherokee County Home Educators

We meet twice monthly for enrichment activities and fieldtrips.

Neighboring Counties: Allen, KS, Bourbon, KS, Cheyenne, KS, Crawford, KS, Labette, KS, Neosho, KS, Barton, MO, Jasper, MO, Newton, MO, Vernon, MO, Craig, OK, Ottawa, OK

Crawford, KS

Jena Fellers
Ph:(620) 856-4045


Franklin Homeschool Group

Make New Friends!

Meet friendly local parents to talk about homeschooling issues and have fun! Come to a meeting to share experiences, find advice, give support and make new friends. All moms, grandmas, and even dads are welcome! We will have spelling bees, field trips, graduation ceremony and much more.

Meeting: Monthly

Serving: Franklin, Pittsburg and surrounding areas.

Neighboring Counties: Allen, KS, Anderson, KS, Bourbon, KS, Cheyenne, KS, Coffey, KS, Douglas, KS, Johnson, KS, Labette, KS, Linn, KS, Miami, KS, Neosho, KS, Osage, KS, Barton, MO, Jasper, MO, Vernon, MO

Crawford, KS

Elizabeth Hicks



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