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Deutsche Welle (Germany)

December 25, 2004

Opting to teach your kids at home instead of sending them to school is not an easy decision. In Germany, homeschooling is even illegal. But around 200 parents here do it anyway.

Dorothee Becker has lost all faith in the German school system. None of her four children go to public or private schools. The values that Becker wants them to learn just aren't taken seriously in educational institutions, she says. Becker is also opposed to grades. "The pressure is so enormous that it's no longer important what the child can do," she said.

Deutsche Welle (Germany)

by Various - Reader Responses

December 28, 2004

Attending school is mandatory and homeschooling illegal in Germany, but some parents do it anyway.

Homeschooling is a viable and appropriate alternative to public and private school. Uniquely, home education provides a custom education, suited to the child's learning style, needs, and interest. It is far different than the pre-set one-size programs necessitated by the industrial model of education, and should not be regulated to force it to conform to standardized institutional format. -- Shay Seaborne, Virginia Home Education Association

World Net Daily

by Ron Strom

December 31, 2004

An 8-year-old homeschooled British boy who reportedly is the best under-10 chess player in the UK is at risk of being forced back to government school.

Peter Williams' parents tell WND they removed him from public school and began homeschooling him so he'd have more time to practice chess.

The Japan Times

by Kanako Takahara

January 3, 2005

Mariko Komuro was of the firm belief that children should go to school even if they experienced problems -- at least until her 8-year-old son, Kazutoshi, began to feel sick and throw up in the morning on school days.

His homeroom teacher came for the boy and forcibly took him to school, only to make matters worse. "I wanted to find other ways (to educate him) instead of forcing him to go to school," said Komuro, who turned to home education.

Salt Lake Tribune (UT)

by Ronnie Lynn

February 3, 2005

The Senate Education Committee unanimously advanced Senate Bill 59 before a packed room of home-school supporters.

School districts would be prohibited from monitoring the attendance, teacher credentials or facilities of home-schooled students under a bill sent to the Senate floor Wednesday.

World Net Daily

by Brad Dacus

March 4, 2005

At first, it was a matter of obvious academic incompetence that compelled so many parents in America to seek alternatives (e.g., private schooling, homeschooling).

The growing motivation today for dumping public education is no longer just about academics. It is now about something much more fundamental: safety.

Salt Lake Tribune (UT)

by Frank and Laura Strickland

March 12, 2005

The editorial that criticized homeschooling legislation (Tribune, March 3) reflects a lack of understanding concerning the present state of this educational alternative.

Incidentally, teacher's unions are stridently against teacher competency testing because of the embarrassingly high failure of public teachers to pass the basic exit tests in the same subjects they are teaching. Plus, the first child in history to get a perfect SAT score was homeschooled by a homeless mother living in a car in California.

San Antonio Worship

by Linda Owen

March 12, 2005

Debora Daniels Albrecht makes an investment in family - For twenty-two years, San Antonio viewers watched a confident and professional Debora Daniels report the television news.

Her decision to homeschool Cosmo required some professional sacrifices. Daniels cut back on her work as primary anchor at WOAI, working part-time as anchor at 5 p.m. for half the salary. Today Daniels homeschools Cosmo, an eight-year-old who is already doing algebra.

World Net Daily

by Callie Woodlief

March 12, 2005

Being a home educator and mother of two, I have often been asked the question: "Why do you homeschool'"

But I've come to the conclusion that the question most begging to be asked is: "Why do you public school'" It's a legitimate question, especially in light of the recent news out of Maryland. According to news reports, the Board of Education in Montgomery County wants to show all 10th-grade students a video ironically dubbed "Protect Yourself" in which a young woman shows students how to put a condom on a cucumber while giving helpful tips.

World Net Daily

by Ron Strom

March 18, 2005

A Bible created for girls age 13-16 that includes profiles of fictional teenagers discussing oral sex, lesbianism and "dream" guys is drawing sharp criticism.

The "True Images" Bible, published by Zondervan, promises on its dustcover to "strengthen your relationship with God, family, friends and guys." While the book includes the entire text of the New International Version of the Bible, it's the "over 1,000 relevant and compelling notes and articles" that have critics upset.