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Agape Press

by Jim Brown

November 22, 2004

Opponents of public schools are meeting in the nation's capital to advocate what they call the "extinction of government schools." Those in attendance heard a Christian journalist and radio talk-show host tell them that home-schooling families are the van

Get the kids out of harmful schools and into honest education." That is the theme of SepCon 2004, sponsored by the Alliance for the Separation of School and State. Alliance founder Marshall Fritz admits the movement is very small -- but he has high hopes for the group's current effort.

November 23, 2004

The New Mexico Activities Association will ask member schools to decide whether charter school or home-schooled students can participate in NMAA athletics.

Several groups throughout the state have asked the governing board for high school athletics and activities to allow home-schooled and charter school students to be allowed to participate.

by Annette M. Hall

November 28, 2004

Delaine Eastin, in her new roll as Executive Director of the National Institute for School Leadership in Washington, D.C. is up to her old tricks, stirring up animosity between the homeschool community and public school adherents.

Many have offered that if Ms. Eastin had been inclined to expend as much time doing her job, fixing the glaring problems of the public school system she served, insteaded of wasting precious energy in opposition to homeschoolers, California students within the public schools would have faired better.

Agape Press

by Jim Brown

November 29, 2004

The founder and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association is urging Christian families to embrace the idea that God gives children to parents -- not to government schools.

Farris, a long-time advocate of home schooling, believes the public education in America is largely responsible for the moral relativism to prevalent among today's young people.

by Annette M. Hall

December 5, 2004

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by Devvy Kidd

December 7, 2004

The federal Department of Education was made a part of the president's Cabinet by new world order facilitator Jimmy Carter. Prior to that, America had the finest education system in the world. In 1980, Ronald Reagan promised that, if elected, he would get

That promise was abandoned after his election. While campaigning for his doomed-to-lose bid for the presidency, Bob Dole said on Sept. 9, 1996, while in Georgia, "We're going to cut out the Department of Education."

News from Agape Press

by Matt Friedeman, Ph.D.

December 9, 2004

Our educational delivery system in this country is in a mess. And, really, there is only one solution. You! Mr./Miss/Mrs. Parent -- you must homeschool. You must.

Over the past 30 years, average per-pupil expenditures for public, elementary, and secondary schools have nearly doubled, rising from $3,931 in 1971-1972 to $7,524 in 2001-2002, in constant dollars. Since 1960, per-pupil expenditures have almost tripled in constant dollars. And test scores' Down, a bit. Mostly flat.

CATO Institute

by Neal McCluskey

December 10, 2004

Tolerance has never thrived in America's schools. It can't, because in our public school-dominated system, only one group can control a single district or state. The result: an endless struggle for control.

Look at Georgia, where a court will soon determine if creationists can force students to use biology textbooks outfitted with stickers declaring evolution a theory, not a fact. Or recall the wars over how math and reading were taught in the 1990s.

The Daily Journal (IN)

by Blythe Richards

December 12, 2004

The 17-year-old and his father, Pete, hiked to the top of Yosemite National Park’s 8,842-feet-tall Half Dome last fall.

From academics to Eagle Scouts, boxing and karate, Ketchum’s focus has been constant: finding a challenge and overcoming it.


by Annette M. Hall

December 18, 2004

For those who suffer daily the debilitating effects of chronic pain, finding a safe choice within the medical community remains a myth.

Don't bother to look toward the FDA or the US government for protection. The pharmaceutical industry provides major funding to political candidates each year, buying the silence of those with the power to effect consumer safety and rein in the FDA.