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Christian Science Monitor (PA)

by G. Jeffrey MacDonald

August 31, 2004

"We have a religious obligation to not have anything to do with the ungodly public school system," says Hankin, a Christian with ties to the Free Presbyterian denomination.

Hankin's is one of two landmark cases pending in Pennsylvania courts. In each, home-schooling families are using a new religious freedom law to fight what they see as state interference. Twelve states have recently passed similar laws, putting a potentially powerful tool in the hands of those who educate the nation's 1.1 million home-schooled children.

Family Times

by E. Wingfield

September 1, 2004

Class of 2005, this fall, you'll take your place at the helm of homeschooling as the brightest, most promising, and latest products of that fantastic movement.

The reason that homeschoolers tend to perform well academically is because homeschoolers are raised as Thinkers. A Thinker's education can be had at any sort of school, but as it happens, most homeschoolers get a great Thinker's education. You’ve been trained to think for yourself and not to be reliant on others to supply you with regurgitated value assessments.

by Assemblyman Diegnan, Assemblyman Barnes

September 13, 2004

Provides that children under care, custody or supervision of DYFS may not be home-schooled.

This bill provides that children under the care, custody or supervision of the Division of Youth and Family Services, including children placed in resource family homes or in kinship care homes, may not be home-schooled and are required to be enrolled in a public or nonpublic school.


by Annette M. Hall

September 15, 2004

The dog days of summer are here, soon fall will be upon us and yet another school year has begun.

The signs are everywhere, even the tin-man down the hill is glad to see school start; he can be seen peeking out the window of his yellow school bus these days. The stores are all having terrific sales on school supplies and we, like many others, really stocked up this year.


by Annette M. Hall

September 19, 2004

Homeschool Group Scouts the Clavey River - This trip will not soon be forgotten by the unsuspecting participants.

The road twisted and turned up and down the mountain range. When the ruts in the road became large enough to swallow a house, I began to get nervous. Shawn thought it would be calming to me if he pointed out all the cars that had careened over the edge of the cliff and began counting them, outloud.


by Tom Costello

September 23, 2004

As the trend increases, the debate continues

A former teacher, Linda says traditional schools simply waste too much time and she was convinced she can do better at home.

Jackson Citizen Patriot (MI)

by Jessi De La Cruz

September 26, 2004

Parents say teaching at home allows for a more personalized education; critics question the lack of educational standards.

Mark and Carol Haavisto weighed their options before deciding to homeschool their two children. When it came down to it, the Jackson couple chose to home school based heavily on their desire to pass on their Christian faith. That was five years ago and even though the Haavistos' decision was complicated, it was also the simplest.

by Assemblyman CHIVUKULA

September 27, 2004

Allows parents of dependent home-school children gross income tax credits for tuition expenses for certain gifted and talented distance learning classes.

Under the bill, a taxpayer is allowed a credit against the tax otherwise due for the taxable year pursuant to the "New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act," in an amount equal to 50% of the amount of tuition for a class or classes offered by a distance learning program for the gifted and talented paid by the taxpayer during the taxable year, not to exceed $750 of credit for each dependent child.

World Net Daily

by Vox Day

October 4, 2004

"An Iraqi man with suspected links to terrorism had a computer disk containing crisis planning information for San Diego and other school districts when he was arrested by U.S. authorities in Iraq."

...Then again, if one considers how TV shows such as "Law and Order" see fit to preach that homeschooled children are malnourished and abused little freaks, it seems only reasonable to point out in like manner that public schooled children are brainwashed, quasi-illiterate savages, with targets painted on their chests to boot.

World Net Daily

by Ron Strom

October 28, 2004

Families fined for refusing to send children to government institutions

Seven homeschooling fathers in Germany spent several days in jail for refusing to pay fines that were imposed on them for failing to send their children to government schools.