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Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire

Protecting our right to homeschool!

CHENH is a Christian organization formed for the purpose of serving and supporting Christian home educators in their obedience to the call of God to educate their children. Provides statewide information, support group listings, monthly newsletter, field trip listings for New Hampshire, legislative updates and more.

P.O. Box 961, Manchester, NH 03105-0961


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Christian Homeschoolers of Hawai'i

Homeschooling in the "Aloha" state can work for you too!

These are exciting times to be a homeschooler, whether you are a veteran or just starting out. "Hihi Punawelewele" means "spider web" in Hawaiian. This is our little "web" of information, news, and resources for homeschoolers in the islands.

344 Kaumakani Street, Honolulu, HI 96825


John & Arleen Alejado
Ph:(808) 689-6398


Colorado Homeschool Barter & Exchange

Trade Homeschool Curriculum, Services and Products!

The Colorado Homeschool Barter & Exchange is a group for homeschoolers in Colorado interested in a bartering system for services and goods. This is also a place to list your professional skills and any businesses that you run. This list is meant to be a resource for Colorado homeschoolers so that we have a place to offer our services and trade, without upsetting people on the regular homeschooling list who find this talk "off topic" or inappropriate.


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Florida Homeschool

God's World is our classroom!

This is a Christian homeschooling list for Floridians, where parents can discuss exciting and unique ways to homeschool their kids. Come meet other homeschoolers within the state of Florida, and share how you homeschool, ways to motivate kids to learn, what has worked for your family, and what has not! This is a place you can come to share great books, great ideas, and great moments. Whether you are interested in home schooling, relaxed home schooling, or unschooling, pop in and ask some questions!

Meeting: We have many small offshoot groups forming around the state.


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Home Education League of Michigan

Promoting Homeschool Freedom!

The Home Education League of Michigan (HELM) is dedicated to informing families who believe in the value of education in the home setting about public policy issues which commonly concern them. Sponsors Homeschool Family Day at the Capitol.

P. O. Box 81, Portage, MI 49081


E-mail HELM
Ph:(269) 353-9515


Homeschool FLYing in Michigan

For Home Schooling Moms in Michigan

This is a list for Home Schooling moms in Michigan who would like support and encouragement in pregnancy, childbirth, discipline of children, home schooling, marriage, sharing of information of events. Help fellow flybabies by sharing tips to help each get more organized, recipe swap, and any and all areas that affect the stay-at-home mom who home schools.

Meeting: Online group



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KY Preschool & Kindergarten Group

We are a group of parents dedicated to educating our children at home.

Our group offers friendship, support, playdates, field trips, and more. Please join us.

Meeting: We get together once a week for playdates and field trips in the Lexington area.


Bridget Kelley
Ph:(859) 273-2217


Michigan Gifted Homeschoolers Together

Open to all types of homeschoolers.

This group is a place to discuss the unique challenges and share the positive aspects of educating gifted/talented children outside of a traditional school setting.

Meeting: Monthly



Special Needs 

Michigan Special Needs

This group offers support to parents of a child(ren) with developmental delays - speech and language, motor, cognitive, sensory, emotional and social, etc…

This group offers support to parents of a child(ren) with developmental delays -speech and language, motor, cognitive, sensory, emotional and social, etc…

Meeting: Online only




MS Homeschool Legal Forum

Jump on in!

MS Homeschoolers is an inclusive online forum that tracks legislation and disseminates homeschool information. MS Homeschoolers also serves as a sounding board for varying opinions and philosophies regarding legislation, politics and the role these play in homeschooling. In our downtime, off-topic conversation abounds, so do not be alarmed if you read a post regarding Attendence Officers followed by a post requesting a recipe or announcing an event. We are an active group for every person is welcome to come discuss what every concerns they may have including the knowledge of our children.

Meeting: An Online forum


Natalie Criss
Ph:(601) 919-3110

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